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Worldly Flavours at Ministry of Mussels

With an internationally inspired menu of mussels unlike any other, we take a culinary voyage around the world with the ten sauces at Ministry of Mussels, Hong Kong’s newest premium bistro-meets-sports bar concept.

December 23, 2021

With so many culinary options available in Hong Kong, it’s hard to find any type of cuisine or speciality that hasn’t been done yet. Yet with only a few restaurants offering mussels on their menus, Ministry of Mussels, perched on the third floor of Central’s California Tower, identified a gap in the market and went the extra mile by offering ten different flavours, served in a beautiful copper casserole with a choice of fries, deep-fried man tou or baguette as a side. Named “Around the World Mussels”, the menu takes guests on a journey through Singapore, Italy, France, China and Australia with white and red sauces that complement the sweet, scrumptious Australian blue mussels – featuring a strong emphasis on heat. 


Italian Formaggi | Photo: Ministry of Mussels


Because a taste of Italy wouldn’t be complete without cheese, this sauce brings you four different types: blue cheese, Parmesan, cheddar and pecorino. This one’s perfect for a day of indulgence.
Best served with: fries  


The combination of the laksa’s crunchy texture and smooth mussels makes this flavour a favourite amongst diners. The crunch comes from the dried shrimp, while the pronounced taste of galangal mixed with lemongrass, lime, red chilli and coriander gives the spicy broth a refreshing kick.
Best served with: baguette 


Guests who have a preference for red sauces but want to skip the heat should opt for the lobster bisque. The thick sauce is composed of the standard lobster bisque, onion and tomato – but this rendition adds in shrimp and skips the white wine in favour of brandy as the alcohol of choice.
Best served with: fries  


Touch down in Thailand with this delectable green curry, composed of curry paste, eggplant and green beans as well as a creamy coconut base that will make each bite of the mussels that much juicier.
Best served with: deep-fried man tou  

Singapore Laksa | Photo: Ministry of Mussels


A trip to Thailand wouldn’t be the same without this Thai staple. This hot-and-sour tom yam broth is made with Thai red chilli paste, galangal, lime leaves and a heavy dose of lemongrass. This is the one to get if you favour thinner broths.
Best served with: baguette 


Kung Pao is one of the most intriguing flavours and has certainly raised the most eyebrows. Its use of dark vinegar gives the sauce a sour note, while a generous amount of peppercorn and Sichuan pepper gives it a woody and spicy kick.
Best served with: deep-fried man tou 


Though seemingly innocent with a simple base of tomato, garlic and parsley, the red chilli makes this sauce the spiciest of all. It’s a must-try for those with a high tolerance for heat.
Best served with: fries 

Singapore Chilli Crab | Photo: Ministry of Mussels


A mouthful in more ways than one, the traditional French fish stew that originates from Provence stands out with its surprise ingredients: saffron, fennel and the anise-flavoured liqueur Pernod. Despite these strong ingredients, the fish flavour still dominates without being overpowering.
Best served with: baguette  


This may be a staple when it comes to sauces for mussels, but the Ministry of Mussels version is slightly richer and creamier than most, with onion and thyme adding extra fragrance.
Best served with: baguette  


It wouldn’t be a true ode to Singapore without the ultimate crowd favourite: chilli crab sauce. The mix of sweet chilli, shrimp paste, ketchup and lemongrass produces a lovely consistency and an overall excellent balance to accompany the mussels.
Best served with: deep-fried man tou