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Weave Residences’ Sachin Doshi On The New Mid-Levels Urban Sanctuary

With fully-furnished apartments featuring compact storage space, a design with an emphasis on serenity and tranquillity, panoramic vistas and an unparalleled level of service, WEAVE LIVING is the urban sanctuary to visit when your lease is up.

August 17, 2021

No longer known for just co-living and serviced apartments, WEAVE LIVING has now expanded its portfolio into residential real estate with the recent opening of WEAVE RESIDENCES, a 24-storey multi-family property in the Mid-Levels. 

We speak to WEAVE LIVING founder Sachin Doshi on the details WEAVE RESIDENCES provides that you won’t find elsewhere.

Sachin Doshi | Photo: Weave Living

What made you decide to branch out into the residential space and what can WEAVE RESIDENCES offer that other luxury buildings don’t?

Witnessing the enormous opportunities in the serviced apartment space and traditional multi-family residential properties, we decided to move beyond WEAVE LIVING’s early roots of targeting millennials and first-home-leavers and expand our brand portfolio by introducing WEAVE RESIDENCES (self-contained residences) on top of WEAVE SUITES (serviced apartments) and WEAVE STUDIOS (co-living studios).

While many luxury residential buildings provide the right hardware, what is still lacking is professional management that extends to individual units and its tenants. Most apartments in Hong Kong are sold to individual buyers, who may then rent it on to an end user. Once a tenant is in, most of the day-to-day management and upkeep of the apartment is left to the tenant and the individual landlord has little insentive (and frankly, access to resources) to ensure a good tenant experience. This is where WEAVE LIVING comes in, as an integrated developer, owner and operator, we manage all aspects of the resident experience through centralised and on-site professional management to not only maintain the overall building, but also take care of maintenance, housekeeping and other aspects of individual units through our own Weave App to ensure a seamless and hassle-free experience for our residents. Another often overlooked aspect of renting in the city is that many luxury buildings (or landlords for individual units) do not allow pets. At WEAVE RESIDENCES – Mid-Levels, we offer dedicated floors and a number of pet-friendly units with specific features such as pet-proof furniture and window grills that make living with a furry friend possible and enjoyable.

Overall, WEAVE LIVING fully manages all aspects of the homes we offer, from the design, look and feel to the service to their operations, an added benefit is the community and partner eco-system that we have across the WEAVE LIVING brand that our residents can enjoy. Bestowed with a spectacular natural environment at its doorstep, WEAVE RESIDENCES – Mid-Levels not only provides the ultimate in convenience and flexibility with its location but also propagates the idea of holistic wellness for its residents.

Photo: Weave Living

Holistic wellness is an important element of WEAVE LIVING, can you tell us why?

I think that mental and physical health are two important aspects of one’s well-being. In a busy city like Hong Kong, the different aspects of overall wellness are often sacrificed for either work or social life. Offering a state-of-art and professionally managed home surrounded by a tranquil neighbourhood, WEAVE RESIDENCES – Mid-Levels is thoughtfully designed to create a comfortable and inviting home that allows residents to wind down and take a break from the city’s hustle and bustle.

We live in a city where people move around so much that they don’t always make the effort to buy furniture or decorate their home. How do you incorporate that homey feel into an apartment that will please the masses?

I’ve lived in four cities and experienced the hassles of decorating the new home during each relocation. Especially in a city like Hong Kong where space is at a premium, incorporating custom-built, sustainably designed furniture with exceptionally intelligent storage is a huge selling point. Add to that the frictional cost of buying or discarding furniture when one moves between apartments (because what fits here, doesn’t fit there!) – the benefits of being fully-furnished to a high aesthetic is a pleasant surprise in Hong Kong.

We partnered with DEFT, an acclaimed Hong Kong-based interdisciplinary design studio, to carefully plan and design high-quality aesthetics and amenities. Take WEAVE RESIDENCES – Mid-Levels as an example - the eye-catching facade juxtaposes green and beige tones to reflect the sense of tranquillity that characterises the neighbourhood. Inside, warm earthy tones and dark wood take centre stage in the lobby, bringing a serene quality into the building that is immediately felt as residents step inside.

The home units embrace warm hues and functional layouts to fit all lifestyles, every detail created to add a sense of comfort. Large windows allow residents to enjoy striking backdrops of the imposing skyline and beyond; all bathrooms come with a large basin and rain showers, as well as a well-equipped kitchen (with a built-in oven) and plenty of storage.

Photo: Weave Living

What are your favourite features in the apartments?

In each of the residence types at WEAVE RESIDENCES – Mid-Levels I have my little favourites. In the Urban Residences, I love how the bed feels like it’s a little alcove, and the idea of lying in bed, reading a book as it rains outside. It is blissful. As someone who likes to write, the generous study is an added bonus. In the One Bedroom Residences, I am a fan of the curved wardrobe in the bedroom, not only does it make the design extremely functional, but it is a departure from the monotony of perfectly rectangular wardrobes in most apartments. The list goes on and on, but I also like the large full height windows in the both the apartment types that allow the space to be soaked in natural light all day.

I see you added a wine fridge in every apartment. 

Haha, well that does reveal something about me—I like wine myself and always like to have a good wine fridge, whether its at home or in my office. So I thought, what features would I like to see in a home and incorporated that at WEAVE RESIDENCES – Mid-Levels and WEAVE SUITES – Central West.

Where did your love for real estate come from and what helped you develop an eye for design?

Buildings have always fascinated me, and they are all around us. They can give a neighbourhood character (or take away its character if not done tastefully!). What I love about real estate is that it is so interdisciplinary and encompasses so many different things—history, urban planning, architecture, engineering, design and sustainability, to name a few. Besides, how we feel is to a large extent dictated by the physical space we are in. Beautifully and thoughtfully designed real estate has the power to change our mood, wellbeing and outlook. It may sound far-fetched, but I really believe its true.  I love well crafted things, and the texture of materials—I greatly admire and respect good workmanship and have an uncanny attention to detail (not sure where I got it from, but I just have it). I can’t really pin-point one thing that helped me develop an eye for design.

Photo: Weave Living

Other than real estate, what’s another big passion of yours?

I love playing tennis, running, reading and spending time with my family and friends. It serves as a reminder to me that being and feeling mentally and physically healthy is the most important thing in the world. I am expanding my knowledge about red wines and am also bit of a watch aficionado, so I am working on growing my collection of fine watches.

What’s next for WEAVE LIVING?

For any global gateway city, good quality, professionally managed rental accommodation is the key to keep the city competitive and attract the best international talent to the city. We will always maintain a strong position in Hong Kong as our home market. We will continue to add new projects to the company’s portfolio both in Hong Kong as well as markets across Asia, such as  Singapore, Australia, and beyond.