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Top Feng Shui Tips for Your Zodiac Sign to Usher in an Auspicious 2022

Acclaimed feng shui master Master Cloud (Yunwenzi) lets us in on the secrets to a blessed, prosperous, and love-filled Year of the Tiger no matter what zodiac sign you’re born with.

January 26, 2022

A practice that can trace its roots back millennia ago, feng shui has become integral to our daily lives and Hong Kongers’ predilection for it is no more apparent than at Chinese New Year, during which the city plows through book after book of predictions and goes ga-ga over all the ways to manifest luck, romance, and all good things in the year ahead. 

Photo: Master Cloud

Luckily this year, we’ve done the work for you by consulting with Master Cloud (also known as Yunwenzi), one of the city’s most in-demand feng shui masters who specialises in 奇門遁甲, an advanced discipline heavily rooted in Taoism she has been teaching and promoting for over a decade.  

“The most important thing in life is hope. I view myself as a doctor that nurses your fate. Your chart is like a map that tells me where you’re lacking or needs strengthening. It’s like giving vitamins to medicate and unlock your potential,” explains Master Cloud. We couldn’t agree more. Notebook in hand, let’s see what the Year of the Tiger has in store for us.  


“Those born in the year of the tiger will be going through ‘fan tai sui’ and should expect a rather difficult year with weak fortunes and obstacles. Be careful not to get entangled with unsavoury people, mistrust villains, or fall into scams.  

Business matters will be bumpy. This year, tigers should do nothing but be still. It’s not recommended to change jobs, resign, or start a business. Love luck and chances of meeting potential partners will be weakened. Mental stress could be greatly increased.  

To reduce negative interference, it is advisable for them to attend more wedding banquets, birthday parties, and various celebrations. These festive occasions will boost their ‘qi’ and overall aura, which could also increase the chances of romance. Their lucky colours this year are red and mustard brown. Wear more ornaments and accessories that are flower-patterned, or related to horses or dogs.”  


“Rabbits will experience some ups and downs but with them come many silver linings. Long awaited plans might be stalled and moods might plummet, yet please hold still; better opportunities will appear before autumn. 

Expect the unexpected when it comes to career. Rabbits will be entrusted with important tasks that come with many difficulties. Yet in the end, because of their hard work, their team will feel more united and they will be positively recognised. 

Due to their rise in popularity, they will experience closer relationships with the opposite sex, filling their heart with joy. Be careful not to get caught up in a polyamorous romance. Wealth will be satisfactory but err on the conservative side when it comes to investments. Wear more fortune-enhancing chain accessories, or the colours red and mustard brown.” 


“Dragons will see their luck skyrocket this year, smooth-sailing through many aspects of their lives with a powerful aura. They will be especially popular now. Work will be injected with new inspirations and they will receive help from powerful people. They may experience a breakthrough in their career, but should make sure to not take on too much and bite off more than they can chew. 

Their love life will be prosperous and they could be especially attractive to the opposite sex. Singles are likely to meet desirable matches at social events and may even have the chance to get married quickly. 

There could be several investment opportunities with positive returns. Pay attention to poor management of wealth, so that money is not squandered on entertainment. This year could also bring financial stress due to the expenses of their children's education. The head and eyes are weak and prone to dizziness and headaches. Mitigate negative energy by wearing more white and mustard brown, or heart-shaped ornaments.” 


“Snakes will be facing ‘ying tai sui’ this year and might encounter many crises especially after spring. Interpersonal relationships are the most troublesome; they must control their emotions and remember that many disasters result from their words. 

Their workload may increase due to inexperienced subordinates or shortage of manpower; those who desire to change jobs might not be met with much luck, either. 

Snakes might encounter many opportunities for romance, but should avoid just committing to anyone or be enticed by those who are not their partner. Stay away from high-risk investment projects. Investment and financial strategies should be defensive rather than offensive. 

Beware of accidents with hands and feet. There is also a chance of injury from strain or degeneration. The colours black and mustard-yellow will bring more luck, and so will wearing round-shaped, ox or rooster-related accessories.” 



“This will be a bumper year for horses. Expect a smooth and prosperous road full of positive vitality. They will feel reborn. This will be a good time to try something new and reset their life in a new direction. Their career is booming yet they have to rely on themselves. Don't be too aggressive or act impulsively. 

Romance will be blossoming and there’s a great chance to meet the love of their life this year, possibly at first sight and with a considerable age difference. Be careful not to be too possessive; they could make the other party feel pressured if they force the matter of marriage. 

Their popularity and a wider network of contacts will lead to financial resources, and their investment skills will also be improved accordingly. Watch out for serious overspending and pay attention to the kidneys that could affect their health and bone functions. Wearing more black and red colours, plus triangular-shaped ornaments, will help.” 


“Steadiness is the key word for goats this year. Their fortune will improve if they can abandon their passive habits and take the initiative to strive for opportunities. It is advisable to set their sights higher and wider, make good use of time for self-improvement, body training, studying, and align the mind and body to prepare for the future. 

Employees might face difficult work environments or might even get picked on; remember to have forbearance and the problem will be solved. Goats are often popular and beloved among friends but be mindful of being friend-zoned and missing the opportunity to connect with love. 

This year, it is only appropriate to make small investments. Instead, invest time and money in themselves to obtain longer-term returns. Pay attention to problems triggered by weak reproductive organs. Schedule regular health checks, and wear more green, black, and oval-shaped ornaments.” 


“Monkeys this year will face ‘ying tai sui’, so be mentally prepared for a period of fluctuating fortunes and unexpected shocks. Their thoughts will be more chaotic than usual so it is not suitable to make major changes such as changing jobs, starting a business, purchasing properties, or relocation.  

The office will feel like a battlefield. Some careless mistakes will be made. Guard against any villain around them who might take advantage.  

Their love life will be filled with twists and turns. Don’t get distracted by fleeting romances. They are recommended to be more goal-oriented, even try reliable dating platforms to pave the way for success. Wealth will be fluctuating and there are many variables in the external environment. Watch out for thieves. 

They might be more prone to accidents or cardiovascular diseases this year. Remember to have regular physical examinations and follow-up appointments on time. Brown, green, and rhombus-shaped accessories will bring them luck.” 


“Roosters will be treated to tremendous fortune this year. They will charge ahead at full speed and turn big plans into reality. At work, they will impress both superiors and subordinates, and will receive the help of many talented people. Take advantage of this and accept more new challenges that will help broaden our horizons. 

Their love luck will also be unstoppable, charming many admirers. As long as they can stay true to themselves, they will grow stronger in love with a sincere attitude. Wealth is booming; use flexible offensive and defensive strategies to gain more profits. It is advisable to take the opportunity to buy a property. 

There is no serious health problem for roosters, only that they need to beware of frequenting too many social events, which could make the body bloated and lead to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and high blood sugar. Foster luck with colours green, black, and vertical or horizontal-patterned accessories.”  


“Dogs will finally see their fortune back on the rebound, going from strength to strength throughout the year. After some gains and losses, fortune in the second half of the year will begin to rise gradually. It is still not appropriate to set the goal too high and be too aggressive. They can consider traveling or going on excursions, especially towards the southeast.  

Career will improve in the second half of the year as well. When stuck in a bottleneck, remember to actively improve themselves rather than complain about others. What they have learned will come in handy. 

In love, they could also be lingering at a crossroad and feelings could be hot and cold. However, their wealth will improve. The new investment plan should be pursued in the second half of the year when the fortune begins to rise. Checkered and mesh patterns are recommended, especially in red or white.” 


“Facing ‘po tai sui’ this year, pigs will see their luck hindered yet the road will be relatively smooth. Consider doing a little renovation of the home or freshening up with one or two new household items, or some head-to-toe cleaning and decluttering, which will help enhance the year’s overall aura. 

Workload will be overwhelming, and they are advised to guard against a scheming middle-aged female. After summer, there will be new opportunities to change the working environment. 

Those who are single should be mindful in their pursuit of perfection which could lead to excessive requirements in a mate. Their wealth could come and go due to some unpredictable matters such as weddings, gifts, and social expenses. You may wish to rebalance their investment portfolio and diversify their funds. They might suffer from a weaker-than-usual immune system this year making them more vulnerable to bacteria and viruses. Wear more black, green, square patterns and ornaments related to rabbits and sheep.” 


“Rats will be breaking waves this year, turning obstacles into unexpected opportunities to build a stronger and larger social network. Overall, this year is a year of hard work and good luck. 

Their career is on the rise, making them more mature in interpersonal skills, clear thinking, resource management, and the ability to identify those taking advantage of them. Don’t be too flashy or indulge in gossips; they should let their work do the talking. 

Romances may be fleeting; don’t idealise and invest too much before fully knowing the other’s character. They will meet a lot of luck in their wealth, and their investment plans will finally be paying off. They should pay attention to the analysis reports and opinions of industry experts, and they will surely win with stability. Watch out for the weak lungs and respiratory system. Red, white, and wavy-patterned ornaments will help mitigate any negative energy.” 


“For oxen, their fortune will be prosperous with opportunities coming one after the other. The ‘tai yin’ star will especially bring about supportive female figures. Seize the opportunity and explore adventures and new paths. 

Their career will be thriving with boosted confidence and competitiveness. Their attitude towards excellence will make them appreciated by their boss and a star in the company. Those engaged in female-related industries will reap the most benefits.  

Their love life will be flourishing with opportunities to meet potential partners, making for a colourful social life. Be careful not to make rash judgments based on intuition. It is easy to fall into an ambiguous romance this year. 

Those who want to realise their entrepreneurial dreams, this is the year to dive in. In today’s digital age, an online store with lower operating costs could be a good place to start. Their wealth might suffer due to unsatisfactory investments hence it is advisable to adopt a more conservative investment strategy. They could be blessed with good health. Green and white colours, plus stars, chains, or charms, will bring luck.”