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The Colour Green Reigns Supreme

Whether seen on the runway, or even on our beloved Hong Kong tram, the colour green is taking 2021 by storm.

By Elizabeth Choi
September 20, 2021

As climate change issues and a global pandemic rage on, the world’s inhabitants are finding a source of solace in a specific hue: green. Perhaps it was the year-long lockdown, and the excitement of re-emerging into society (and the fact that everyone became a plant parent?); or the ever-present reminder of the delicacy of life and Mother Nature; or the simple notion that green can symbolise luck. No matter the reason, this colour is winning over the hearts of many.  

In 2019, renowned fashion forecaster Lidewiji Edelkoort predicted green would be the fashion colour of summer 2021. It’s a “cheerful, optimistic” colour, she said at the time. Two years later and anyone with the slightest pulse on high street fashion couldn’t deny the truth in this prediction: you’d need more than two hands to tick off the numerous designers who are incorporating this versatile pigment into their Spring and Fall 2021 collections. While not always the most obvious choice for luxury brands, something about a pop of green has been embraced far and wide. 

Janka Polliani & Annabel Rosendahl at Copenhagen Fashion Week | Photo: Dreamstime

Bottega Veneta may be the foremost brand to have embraced the trend, starting in 2020 with the unmistakable, highly saturated ‘Bottega Green’ as it has been nicknamed. The bold tone has been pervasive in the brand’s shoe boxes, shopping bags, woven leather goods and has proven to be perfect for eye-catching statement pieces, with pop-culture friendly accessories from rubber slip ons to shiny puffer vests.  

Embraced by style icons like Hailey Bieber to numerous street stylistas at fashion weeks around the world, the Bottega Green colour itself has become as much an obsession as the brand’s most covetable items. The year saw bright olive silk dresses popping up in Gucci Resort 2021, gem-toned emerald knits in Miu Miu Spring 2021, bright lime in trousers for Victoria Beckham 2021 and frothy mint tutus for Molly Goddard Fall 2021.  

Photo: Victoria Beckham

Beyond fashion, the colour and its spectrum of tones hold a wealth of meaning, from transformation, to growth, to new beginnings, to continuation. As if on cue, even in Hong Kong, green has been making its imprint on this city, particularly through the beloved Ding Ding. In July, Pantone Colour Institute collaborated with HK TRAMWAYS, creating ‘HK Tram Green’, a new signature shade that preserves and celebrates the history and heritage of the city while recognising its future. As the city’s first comprehensive transport system, the Hong Kong Tram is not only an icon of Hong Kong but an important marker of history and an affordable, accessible mode of transportation that connects the city geographically.  

On the newly minted hue, Pantone says the “refreshing and restorative green tone...alleviates stress and calms the spirit…promoting balance and harmony, HK Tram Green enhances our sense of well-being, encouraging connection and community and cultivating our ties to others.” If green can indeed conjure these important elements of harmony, balance, and interconnected well-being, the world will only be better off for it.