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Rejuvenated and Pampered From Asaya Wellness' Daycation

We review Asaya’s Daycation, one of the many offerings from the Rosewood wellness community’s “Wellcation” series.

By Gayatri Bhaumik
August 5, 2021

Since its opening, Asaya—the holistic wellness concept which just happens to be tucked away in the Rosewood Hong Kong—has been making waves for its exquisite design and well-curated menu of treatments. This summer, the wellness destination has launched an exclusive “Wellcation” series that showcases the full breath of its offerings.

The core of the new “Wellcations” is an extended two-night escape designed to offer total respite. Guests check into one of the sumptuous Asaya Lodges—standalone accommodation located within the spa’s tranquil gardens—and embark on a full itinerary of spa treatments, mindful practices, and health consultations—all bolstered by nutritional cuisine and plenty of rest.

“Asaya encourages guests to explore their personal health journey in an environment full of support,” says Wellness Practitioner Kit Shum. “We create personalized health experiences and special workshops spanning body, mind, and health to help guests make lasting improvements to their health and wellbeing and maximize their potential.” The “Wellbeing” series is simply the next iteration of this mission.

Already, the concept has proven popular. The Asaya Lodges are booked out weeks in advance. But for those who want a taste of the experience, it’s still possible to book a “Daycation.”

My Asaya “Daycation” begins with a 60-minute Aroma Atelier Massage —performed with my chosen aromatherapy oil blend and, at my masseuse’s suggestion, Asaya’s body balm—that lulls me into a state of zen.

Though 60 minutes aren’t enough to get all the knots out of my shoulders, I’m zoned out and relaxed by the time I sit down to lunch at Asaya Kitchen. All “Wellcations” include three-course lunches here, and the Mediterranean dishes —which are heavily vegetarian or laced with sustainably-sourced seafood —are designed to enhance the holistic wellness experience. The Spanish Octopus starter is delightful, and the King Crab and Salmon Roe Gnocchi main is thoroughly satisfying. The jury’s still out on just how healthy this meal is, but it’s certainly delicious.

After three hours spent relaxing at Asaya’s Tranquility Lounge and by the pool, I’m in for an evening of mental and spiritual engagement with Kit Shum, an expressive arts therapist. I’m no artist, but having free rein to unleash any latent creativity in his session, where oils, pencils, crayons and craft supplies are provided, was surprisingly relaxing. What my artwork said about my mental state was an interesting exercise, though it didn’t reveal anything I didn’t already know.

Photo: Asaya

The one-on-one focus meditation session that followed was a whole different ballgame. With careful prompts, Kit has me unleashing a stream of consciousness that digs into thoughts and feelings I never usually think about. For the rest of the evening, I feel a bit fragile and on edge, but the meditation is impressively cathartic. After a great night’s sleep, I wake up feeling optimistic and ready to tackle the rest of my week.

Hong Kong has spas aplenty, but with its “Wellcation” series, Asaya offers a truly unique wellness experience that can’t be found anywhere else in the city. This holistic approach that combines pampering treatments with mindful and spiritual activities—and plenty of rest time and nutritious food—is a rare opportunity to work on your wellness on all fronts. And, after the year we’ve had, don’t we all deserve that?