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Registered Chinese Doctor Master Ruth Lee Recommends Sex Toys for Acupressure and Pleasure

As the global pleasure brand We-Vibe collaborates with Master Ruth Lee, Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Licensed Dietitian from Hong Kong, we look at the importance of sexual health and some natural, gentle recommendations from Master Ruth. 

By Ashlyn Chak
June 14, 2022

The Chinese expression “治標不治本” translates to treating the symptom but not the root cause, and has long been used by the Chinese people to describe the way western medicine provides merely a temporary solution to a long-term condition. While it may be an old wives’ tale to put Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) on a pedestal, one cannot deny that one of the best things about TCM is that it holistically improves one’s health. 

Photo: We-Vibe

In the case of sexual health, western medication often uses hormone replacement therapy in an attempt to alleviate discomfort; but many forms of hormone therapy come with a range of risks that may not always be worthwhile. This is where TCM comes in to provide a well-rounded way of treatment that restores the balance in your body in natural and non-invasive ways. But how can TCM help with sexual health without working with hormones? 

Interestingly, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, the organs for sexual wellness are, in fact, far removed from the most obvious. Just as we get stomach cramps when anxiety builds up in our body, TCM believes the way we feel physically may correspond with the way we feel mentally and emotionally; and instead of the genitals, TCM says the foundation of sexual wellness is about the kidney—the root of life, akin to the “root chakra” that the more spiritual some may refer to. Aside from being a filtration organ, the kidney stores the essence of our vitality and longevity as it expels negative energies and toxins from our bodies. 

Photo: We-Vibe

From a TCM point of view, the Yin and Yang of the kidney, when in balance, can promote the free flow of Qi that allows us to enjoy life’s pleasure to its fullest extent. Enjoyment and pleasure are some of the most important things in life, but amidst the hustle and bustle of the hectic city life, it can be difficult to find the time and space (both mental and physical). A recent survey by pleasure brand We-Vibe (the maker behind the famous Womanizer) finds that Hongkongers rank their average libido at 6.1 out of 10, with the average sexual satisfaction of 6.12. 

Luckily, Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Licensed Dietitian Master Ruth Lee comes to the busy city-dweller’s rescue. “We emphasise on treating a person as a whole.” In collaboration with global pleasure brand We-Vibe, Master Ruth has customised a plan with appropriate treatments, including but not limited to acupressure and herbal tea. She adds, “That way, the kidney system is nourished, and the Qi and blood flow are enhanced. 

Master Ruth is helping us turn inwards, and it’s about time. Herbal remedies can boost your overall health, and many Chinese herbs have aphrodisiac properties to enhance libido and sexual performance, from sense and stamina to desire. Master Ruth shares that Epimedium, Morinda, Cnidium, He Shou Wu, Eucommia, and Cistanche are all fantastic ingredients that we should all begin to implement in our TCM formulas after discussing with our Chinese doctors. On that note, it’s probably time to get an appointment! 

Photo: We-Vibe

But before you do that, there is a self-administered acupressure treatment that we can all do at home in conjunction with ingesting herbal teas. Making use of the vibrators from We-Vibe, which come with the patented Pleasure Air Technology using airwaves to gently massage the sensitive nerve-endings of the clitoris as well as your acupoints, Master Ruth introduces a few ways for us to manipulate the Qi flow to achieve better sexual health. 

The Qihai (CV6) acupoint, located two fingers’ width below the belly button, is effective in replenishing the Qi gently into the body and particularly the reproductive system. Convenient, whisper-quiet, and energy-friendly, the “Tango X” is a versatile toy for this as it won’t switch itself on accidentally, is rechargeable with up to two hours of massage of a single charge, and automatically deactivates the travel lock when the toy has a full battery. 

Photo: We-Vibe

Another great one is the Yongquan (KI1) acupoint, which lies on the sole about one-third of the distance between the base of the second toe and the heel and in the depression that appears when the toes are curled. Not only is it the first point of the kidney meridian, but it also works to activate the Qi of the kidney to calm the spirit and balance excessive heat in the heart. Recommended is the “Touch X” which has a total of eight intensity levels and seven modes, delivering deep, powerful vibrations for an enjoyable massage session. 

The “Touch X” is also good for massaging the Taichong (LR3) acupoint as it is waterproof and easy-to-clean. This one is on the dorsum of the foot, in the depression between the big toe and the next toe. Gently applying pressure here will help get the Qi moving, which in turn decreases stress and anxiety. 

All this may sound too good to be true, but don’t worry—Traditional Chinese Medicine is anything but a be-all-end-all solution. TCM is a holistic therapy that requires all hands on deck. As with many things in life, patience is key to pleasure.