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Rebalancing Your Energy With Kinesiology

As part of our #MindOverMatter series, we uncover the benefits of kinesiology, how it works, and who it’s for.

By Fabienne Lang
October 12, 2021

I’m leaning back in the soft leather armchair with my feet propped up. The aircon above me whirs gently, and swirls of mist curl up from my steaming mug of green tea. I’m utterly relaxed yet warm tears stream uncontrollably down my cheeks. My kinesiologist hands me a tissue and softly explains that we’ve just unblocked a stress point in my body—something I didn’t even know I had—and that we’re on the right track.


Kinesiology is a scientific system based on traditional Chinese Medicine meridian energy flows, also known as Qi energy, that removes blockages in the mind so that the body’s immune system can heal itself.

Scientifically speaking, the world is filled with electrons and wavelengths. In kinesiology, muscle testing is used as a connection to these electrons, which helps the kinesiologist pinpoint the energetic blockages, stress, emotional trauma, etc, within you.

Muscle testing typically means a kinesiologist applies pressure to a specific muscle group to gauge tension in the muscle and find a blockage. However, depending on their preferences and experience, practitioners can also use muscle testing without touching you, by interlocking their index and middle fingers. In this way, a kinesiologist’s fingers look like they’re continuously pressing down on an invisible button mid-air, and when the source of the blockage is found, their fingers lock into place.

Once the source of these blockages is discovered, positive affirmations are used to remove them, forming wavelengths to create a shift in the brain. After this shift happens, a recoding in your cellular memory takes place, which restructures your thought patterns, which in turn improves your physical form. Through this process, your immune system self-heals.

Photo: Natalie Grainger/Unsplash

For Eliane Florentin and Julien Florentin-Siu of Hong Kong Kinesiology, their focus lies in no-touch muscle testing and affirmations to unleash the dormant potential in their clients so they can be the best versions of themselves. The mother and son team has a combined 27 years of kinesiology experience, and even more years of natural therapy understanding.

“Science tells us that everything, including ourselves, is energy and that everything is interconnected. Sometimes, though, this energy gets stuck. This can be because of emotions, toxins, a lack of nutrients, and more, and our system becomes unbalanced,” explains Eliane. “Eventually, our energy system becomes depleted, and it doesn’t have enough energy left to function effectively, leading to its collapse.”

This is when people turn to Eliane and Julien for help. Someone may visit them for anything ranging from depression and anxiety to crippling foot pain. Ultimately, everything is linked, and Eliane and Julien work to find the source of the blockage, so that the client can move forward positively and more balanced.

“Our clients come to us with a problem that is vague—it’s like fog—you can’t tackle it and you can’t see through it,” explains Julien. “But once you pinpoint the issue—through kinesiology—you see it clearly and you can deal with it.”

The two work as a tight-knit team, bringing their own specific skills to the table. As the first point of contact for all clients, Eliane begins by finding the stress point and creating an energetic shift. Then, when needed, Julien takes over to provide precise exercises for the clients to work with. “Eliane inspires, whereas I give the tools,” explains Julien.

“We don’t have a magic wand, and we are not healers,” cautions Eliane. Ultimately, “kinesiology awakens your body’s own ability to return its energetic system to a healthier balance.”

Photo: Kalei Peek/Unsplash


During your hour-long session you sit comfortably in an armchair. With Eliane, you start by talking about what’s bothering you and as you do, she casually links her index and middle fingers to “muscle test” what resonates. This process continues as she digs deeper, asking more questions until she finds the true source of the issue.

For instance, Eliane asks you if you’ve had a particular past trauma that may be linked to your current issue. As you recite certain traumas her fingers continue to pulse up and down until the “right” trauma comes up, then Eliane’s fingers lock into place—this means you’ve found the source.

“You might think you have a certain problem, but when we check it doesn’t resonate with us. The source is totally different. We go deeper. We have access to give us a direction, and very often it will lead us to some affirmation, then something ‘clicks’, and we realise ‘That’s it! I’ve found the source,’ and you see how everything is linked and what brought you in today,” explains Eliane.

So even if you go to Eliane and Julien because of unrelenting pain in your leg, “that usually means there’s something in your life stopping you from moving forward,” says Julien. “When you injure your neck, that’s because you’re unable to see options in your life. When you have back pain, more often than not, you’re not finding support or the nurturing you need. Pain in your shoulders means relationship problems and if your vision is foggy, that’s because you can’t see an optimistic vision of your future."

As Eliane clarifies “[The problem] is always emotional, then it becomes mental, and then the mental affects the physical.” Julien further explains this point by saying “If you’re constantly stressed, this amplifies your painful physical conditions. So depending on where these [stress points] are placed, we can work on improving these physical conditions by working on finding the source of the pain.”

Photo: Shvets Production/Pexels

During your sessions, you might spontaneously cry as energy shifts in you and blockages are removed. “This is completely normal,” explain Julien and Eliane. In fact, it’s healthy, it means you’re evolving and healing.

After the session, tiredness may set in and the symptoms you came in with may amplify. This is normal as it means you’re in the process of detoxing, and within a week or two they are completely gone, leaving you feeling lighter, happier, and more positive.

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