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Plant Power Skincare

Harnessing the natural elements of the earth, these botanical-inspired skincare essentials will help to revitalise and nourish your complexion just in time for warmer days.

May 18, 2022


Photo: Armani Beauty

Powered by a concentrate extracted from precious resurrection plants that survive on just a few drops of water over years, it’s no wonder Armani Beauty’s Crema Nera Reviscentalis Meta Concentrate Serum has become a bestseller. A few drops are expected to bring renewed and plumper skin.
Available in-store at Armani Beauty 



Photo: Esse

South African founder Trevor Steyn’s passion for preserving the continent’s biodiversity led him to create the vegan, prebiotics-driven brand Esse. This oh-so-deliciously-smelling cocoa exfoliator comprises cocoa particles that dissolve to polish the skin and eliminate dead cells, while wild African marula and manketti oils add a touch of nourishment.
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Photo; Chantecaille

Good skin and sun protection go hand in hand, and Chantecaille’s reef-safe (sans the coral-bleaching oxybenzone and octinoxate) botanic SPF 30 mist hits the sweet spot between sunscreen and skincare. It’s richly infused with wild moss rose, ashwaganda root extract, and organic white tea to provide extra hydration for your upcoming beach days.
Available in-store at Chantecaille 



Photo: Chanel

Brimming with vitality, gorgeous camellia flowers – a favourite of Gabrielle Chanel – take centre stage in Chanel’s red camellia revitalising serum, which lends hydrating and anti-ageing properties thanks to its ultra-concentrated yet refreshing floral extract that can be immediately absorbed into the skin.
Available in-store at Chanel 



Photo: mtm labo

Treat yourself to an indulgent at-home spa day with mtm labo’s custom-blended reishi mask, which incorporates the Japanese red reishi – a mushroom that can reduce stress and fatigue – plus an antioxidant-rich Chinese herbal formulation to bring maximum radiance and guard against ageing.
Available in-store at mtm labo 



Photo: Nars

Perfect for the intensely humid days of spring and summer, this gel-cream light reflecting moisturiser from Nars locks in hydration with its formula featuring cacao peptides and moringa seed formula while still giving your pores plenty of room to breathe.
Available in-store at Nars 



Photo: Votary

A couple drops into your moisturiser or used on its own, cult-favourite Votary’s CBD and strawberry seed night drops, also featuring natural flax oil and rosemary extract, is the answer to irritation-prone skin, especially during these transitional seasons. Who doesn’t like to wake up to magically soothed skin in the morning?
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Photo: Albion

Organically cultivated and hand-harvested white Alba roses, which only bloom one month of the year, lend Albion’s Ex-Vie Ginza Specia cream its ultra-moisturising and luscious whitening properties that leave skin dewy and plump.
Available in-store at Sogo   



Photo: Aveda

Vegan brand Aveda isn’t just known for its lush haircare products. Start your nightly routine with this best-selling botanical kinetics purifying gel cleanser that boasts lavender, vitamin E, coconut and babassu-derived surfactants. Less impurities, greater skincare penetration. 
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Photo: Caudalie

Brighten up the windows to your soul with Caudalie’s Premier Cru Eye Cream, featuring a patented combination of natural vine resveratrol and magnolia extract developed alongside Harvard Medical School, plus the likes of botanical grape-seed polyphenols and avocado oil, to de-puff, lift, and soothe.
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