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Rejuvenate From Within With NestBloom’s Bird’s Nest Dessert

Made with high quality bird’s nest and premium superfood ingredients and handcrafted into delicate blooms, NestBloom brings a five-minute 100% natural edible beauty ritual to Hong Kong.

January 11, 2022

Over the last decade, superfoods have experienced a revival, as the new generations’ focus on self-care and wellness have made them turn towards centuries-old ingredients that have long been a cultural secret.

Vanilla Bloom | Photo: NestBloom

Believed to enhance beauty and wellness from within, superfoods such as goji berries, matcha powder and açai are experiencing not only a revival but also a rebrand, as the once cultural secrets have been modernised to appeal to the younger generation.

The latest addition to the superfood trend is NestBloom’s edible bird nest blooms. Packaged beautifully in a blush pink box, the bird’s nest has been mixed with premium ingredients such as matcha, rose or vanilla beans and carefully handcrafted into a bloom that dissolves at the touch of hot water. 

Photo: NestBloom

Prominent in Chinese culture, the bird’s nest has long been associated with beauty and longevity. Consumed since the Tang Dynasty (A.D. 618-907), the edible delicacy is believed to have medicinal benefits with anti-aging properties as well as immune-boosting ones, helping to fight colds, tiredness and more. It is also believed to have long-lasting beauty benefits, such as collagen production, cell regeneration and tissue repair, making it extremely attractive to those wanting youthful and radiant-looking skin.

Photo: NestBloom

The edible bird’s nest is made of delicate strands of saliva coming from the swiftlet—a cave-dwelling bird found in SoutheastAsia. NestBloom founder Lim Cieyou's family has been farming bird’s nests in Kalimantan, Indonesia since the late 1980s, as the swiftlets had chosen their warehouse to make their homes. This eventually led to the creation of the Yan Yuan brand in 2013, which sells the bird’s nest in its most traditional form. However, it seemed like the miraculous benefits of bird’s nest were being lost on the younger generation who seemed to exhibit a lack of interest in this Chinese potion. Lim Cieyou therefore created NestBloom, which offers bird’s nest in a more appealing form all the while preserving the benefits. The brand started in Singapore and quickly expanded overseas to Japan, South Korea, China, Malaysia and North America. Hong Kong seemed like the natural next step.

Matcha Bloom | Photo: NestBloom

NestBloom removes the painstakingly long preparation process of this health elixir by double-boiling then freeze-drying the bird’s nest, so that it is ready to be dissolved at any time. Free from preservatives and artificial colouring, each bloom contains 30g of cooked bird’s nest, with longer strands for the premium range.

The meringue-like bloom has been pre-sweetened with rock sugar and mixed with some of the finest ingredients around the world to create a series of elegant and delicious blooms that have been handcrafted into different floral designs (it can take up to over 48 hours to craft). 

Rose Bloom | Photo: NestBloom

The almond cream range comes in a set of four: the original Almond bloom, made with the finest almonds, the Rose bloom, infused with antioxidant-rich rose, the Matcha bloom made with the potent Japanese green tea powder and the Vanilla bloom made with Madagascar vanilla beans. NestBloom’s premium range includes the Heritage Bloom made with pandan rock sugar and the Golden Heritage Bloom, which is speckled with 24k golden flakes, two blooms that are crafted in the shape of Singapore's national flower—the orchid. The last bloom of the series is the Red Ginseng Bloom which is infused with highly concentrated premium ginsenoside extract.

Red Ginseng Bloom | Photo: NestBloom

With a simple process of adding hot water to the delicate bloom and waiting five minutes for it to dissolve before being enjoyed, NestBloom wants to offer the modern-day go-getters a beauty and wellness experience that suits their fast-paced lifestyle while retaining tradition and the bird’s nest’s nutritional benefits. Watching both the bloom dissolve and the sand flowing through the hourglass as it counts down five minutes is a reminder to slow down and focus on the simple but fruitful things in life.

NestBloom’s bird nest treats can be ordered via @nestbloomhk on Instagram or via email [email protected].