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Meet Charlie—Louis Vuitton's New Sustainable Step

Louis Vuitton’s Charlie sneaker is a big first for the legendary fashion brand. Eco friendly and gender neutral, it marks a big step in the luxury house's sustainability journey.

By Tanja Wessels
September 6, 2021

What’s all white, features the Louis Vuitton logo in black, and is made of 90 percent recycled and bio-sourced materials? The Charlie—Louis Vuitton’s new eco-friendly and gender neutral sneaker hitting the market on November 12th.

Photo: LVMH

Available in a low and high-top version, these sneakers are designed for style, mobility and are in line with Louis Vuitton’s sustainable development plan, “Our committed journey”.

Louis Vuitton’s LIFE (LVMH Initiatives For the Environment) programme integrates sustainable development into business strategy. First established in 2012, their revised LIFE 360 plan takes their environmental ambitions even further. Pinpointing three key deadlines—2023, 2026 and 2030—the plan revolves around four product-focused pillars: biodiversity protection, fighting climate change, the circular economy, and transparency.

Photo: LVMH

The Charlie is designed with those principles in mind: the sleek white upper part of the shoe is composed of smooth and grained synthetic material, made from recycled polyester and a layer of Biopolioli, a corn-based plastic. The sole, which accounts for 50% of the shoe’s weight, is composed of at least 94% recycled rubber, while still remaining supple and shock-absorbent.

The insole and lining are made from recycled polyurethane and recycled polyester.  The laces, tongue patch and the heel tab, which features the brown LV signature, are made from ECONYL®, which is 100% recycled nylon made from nylon waste such as fabric scraps, fishing net and industrial plastic.

Photo: LVMH

Louis Vuitton has also redesigned its signature packaging to follow through on the responsible materials used for the Charlie. Shoe protection comes in the form of felt made using TENCEL™ and renewable wood sources certified by FSC ® (Forest Stewardship Council), while the shoe box is made from 100% recycled cardboard. The box will only be available in two sizes, limiting size options allows the brand to conserve roughly 70% on materials. The shoe box is designed to transform into a transportable cardboard bag, thanks to a handle which is also made from TENCEL™ and Louis Vuitton used plant-based inks and raw kraft paper for the packaging.

In a Chinese Valentine's Day exclusive, an accessory that forms the perfect Monogram charm when interlocked is available in gold or silver.

The new Charlie Sneaker will see its official launch on November 12, 2021 and will become available on or throughout Louis Vuitton boutique stores.