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Marina Magnifique–Under the Sea Exploration

With life on the Seven Seas in all its adrenaline-charged fun, who needs land? 

By Benny Teo
July 28, 2022

The Seven Seas beckon all who heed their call for a life of adventure and discovery, but who says a sailors life need be a hard one? ECHELON picks up seven new toys and gadgets that will make exploring an exciting endeavour both above and below the water. 



Photo: Benetti

The latest from the Italian bespoke yachtmaker, Benetti, the Oasis 34M measures 34.36 metres exactly and is scheduled for delivery in 2023. The RWD-designed exterior pivots on a large open aft deck, with its unfolding bulwarks, sleek glass-fronted plunge pool and a generous lounge area.  

Inside, the superyacht balances sophistication, space and luxury in an opulent yet elegant package by New York-based architecture studio Bonetti & Kozerski, with light-coloured parquet and an understated colour palette that is in perfect harmony with its teak exterior. 

For the price of 14 million (approximately HK$116 million), nothing speaks of style and society on the open seas more than a Benetti, and with its latest Oasis class superyacht, it makes a statement on board as well. 



Photo: Bennington

A pontoon is not something usually associated with luxe travel on water but the Made-in-the-USABennington QX Sport Line is the magical translation of an Italian supercar to bladed fins. Not only does this years newly launched 25QX Sport Line offer fine luxury fittings like gilded leather seats and high-end audio featuring 16 speakers and two sub-woofers, it can also glide through water at super-fast speeds close to 80kph!  

Seamlessly blending the highest marine grade fibreglass, integrated Roswell wake tower and windshield in a super sleek design, nothing screams ‘Hot’ like this well-sculpted new toy and it turns heads so much more than the usual powerboat. 

 Armed with the industrys strongest warranty it comes with a 10-year bow-to-stern warranty in addition to a lifetime structural and decking guarantee Bennington boats provide many years of carefree enjoyment. 



Photo: Rolex

Those with a keen eye for the best things in life are sure to flirt with the Rolex Yacht-Master 42. This years release, available for the first time in yellow gold, features a bidirectional rotatable bezel fitted with a 60-minute graduated Cerachrom insert in matte black ceramic in a 42mm case. 

Virtually scratchproof and resistant to the elements, Rolex has perfected the use of special ceramics for creating monobloc bezels and bezel inserts purring with colours that are irresistibly intense. 

A statement piece both in water and out, the refinement of a Rolex is unmistakable and the fact that it is equipped to perform at the highest level makes this a highly sought after accompaniment to anyone daring to call themselves sailors or mariners, albeit, very wealthy ones. 



Photo: Soel

Marrying luxury and sustainability in one unique package is the ultimate world traveller: the Senses 62 electric catamaran from Dutch electric yacht manufacturer, Soel, representing the future of intercontinental travel in a fully solar-powered package.  

Noted for its ability to tackle trans-oceanic travel and recharge along the way, this future of ocean exploration returns sailing to its natural roots, using the power of the elements, but in this case, solar instead of wind. 

Cruising silently and without any carbon emissions, this 2.7 million (roughly HK$ 22.3 million) eco-yacht is both lightweight and durable, and its 62-foot design can accommodate nine passengers and three crew members comfortably with multiple lounges, two dining areas, an office area, and an open galley with bar. 



Photo: Jetfoiler

Its amazing how much fun one has when surfing on water and how much more when surfing above it. The Jetfoiler gives seasoned surfers and kite surfers an experience like no other, taking the adrenaline and exhilaration of the sport up a notch and within their control. 

It also gives newcomers a chance to try their hand at kite boarding by combining the best of electric and hydrofoil into one integrated motor-driven board that is controlled by a handheld device so the rider can dictate both speed and direction. 

Made with strong, high-tech, lightweight materials designed to minimise drag, the Jetfoilers key feature is its ability to get into cruise control at a certain speed so the rider can simply kick back and relax by gliding smoothly above the waters surface. 



Photo: U Boat

Ever wonder what it felt like to travel in a submarine? Well, U Boats Sub 3 lets you own one for yourself. Dive deep to explore the nether regions of the sea and discover what lurks beneath the surface. 

Built as a range of submarines for superyacht use, this compact, lightweight and easy to maintain underwater vehicle can operate submerged for up to eight hours and dive to a depth of 300 metres. 

To learn how to operate it, you can visit U Boats pilot training centre set amid the beauty of Curaçao in the Caribbean, or simply have a trained pilot supervise while you drive. Priced from 1.5 million (around HK$12 million), this is a must-have accessory if youre going to splurge on a superyacht like the Benetti Oasis 34M anyway. 



Photo: Seabreacher

Want to feel what its like to be a shark? Pull up a Seabreacher and coast at will or jump out of the water like one. The submersible watercraft is customisable to suit its owners aesthetic, which has ranged from Great White shark to a NASA spacecraft. If you can imagine it, you can design it. 

Built by California-based Innespace, Seabreacher is as powerful as they come with more than 300bhp a power-to-weight ratio comparable to a Lamborghini or Maclaren blasting in and out of water at speeds of up to 55mph (88.5kph). 

Typically, the Seabreacher can stay underwater from between five and 10 seconds but a skilled ridercan sometimes go for as long as 20 seconds without surfacing. This is extreme sports in the sea.

Originally published in ECHELON Issue 8