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Let Your Spirit Do the Talking With Shamanic Healing Energy & Therapy

In our second instalment of #MindOverMatter, we explore the power of shamanic healing energy.

September 15, 2021

The tree branch lamp hanging directly over me from the ceiling starts to fade as I close my eyes. Candles are lit, the beat of the drum from the rhythmic music resonates throughout the room and vibrates through my body. As I calm my mind and let myself get lost in the environment, the shaman’s quiet communication with my soul begins.


Shamanic healing energy is a practice where the shaman acts as a channel between the spiritual world and the earth and uses your energy field to remove blockages, release traumas, process emotions or restore balance in your life. 

Shamanic healing powers are a precious gift given to a select few. And with great power comes great responsibility. For Sabrina Villard of V-Healing, it’s about acting as a conduit to help people achieve their highest potential. Sabrina’s shamanic roots come from her father’s Bedouin side. The gift came from her great-grandmother, with whom she took her first steps in the hot Saharan sand, hand in hand.

The gift started manifesting itself over time. At first through a fascination with tarot cards and a strong belief in the universe’s power until one day, she jumped off the bed, electricity going through every cell of her body. The gate was open and the spirits were coming through. She started feeling people’s aches, both physical and mental, and eventually she started seeing things.

However, not all shamanic healers practice the same. In Mongolia and Siberia, there is a heavy use of drums to get people into a trance. Another method used in South America is Ayahuasca, a psychoactive brew made from the Psychotria viridis shrub that is consumed by both the client and the shaman before the shaman breaks into Icaros, songs from the spirit of the shrub. Purging occurs which will open up the sky and make you see things under the protective guidance of the shaman.

Sabrina’s method is more modern, we do live in a bustling city in an era overtaken by the material and digital world after all. “I wanted to combine my gift and personality with my Reiki master and acupuncture skills to be able to create a unique method that can help people achieve their highest potential in this modern world,” says Sabrina. “Communication is key for me. I will trigger your soul on the table, trigger your heart after the table session, and trigger your mind when I tell you what your soul communicated with me.” 

When you come in, there are no questions asked. “Come as a blank piece of paper. Sometimes we don’t really know what our real problems are. I only see the essence of the problem, the roots. If you come to me with a problem, it would be focusing on a consequence, but I want to fix the foundation, the cracks, and give you a different perspective. I have nothing to work from, I will feel your spirit and will know what’s blocking you.”

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In the first 20 minutes of the shamanic healing session, you are laying down, eyes closed, and Sabrina aligns your soul, heart and mind in order to start communicating with a sort of hologram of yourself. By touching different parts of the body, she opens doors, and either releases energy or adds to it if you’re lacking some in a certain department. Through her inhaling, exhaling and yawning, the energy is passing through her.

The different parts of your body represent different things. While the plants of your feet represent your roots and DNA—all the heavy traumas and blockages you may have—your ankles and feet are burdens from the past, the baggage you carry throughout your life.

In general your left side is your feminine side, associated with intuition, emotions and creativity whereas your right side is your masculine energy, more rational and practical.

Both knees together represent your direction in life or what would make you happy.

Your hips represent the stability in your life and how you walk through it. With confidence? Dependence? Fear?

The belly is intuition and stress.

Wrists are linked to your heart, what your love life is like and what your relationship with yourself is like.

The right elbow is about how you see change, or as Sabrina would correct, “evolution” as “we cannot change, we can just evolve,” while the left elbow focuses on work and career.

Finally the head is how you see things, your perspective.

Relaxing your mind, with the help of the energetic drum beats, will take you into an altered state of consciousness. You may feel things, such as tingling in the body or even feel as light as a feather or as heavy as a rock. You may also see things, colours, light, people or even flashbacks. “Just let it play out like a movie, everything happening here has a significance.”


The second part of the session is all about communication. Sabrina shares what your soul has revealed to her and what she saw when touching the different areas of your body. “Shamanic healing is the reverse concept of traditional therapy where you’re on a sofa to talk and release then leave. Here we start with the release, on the energy level you are clean and then it’s up to you to do the work. I am just here to give you a new pair of eyes, a new perspective”, says Sabrina.

Each session is different and whether you are having a good day or bad day does not change a thing. Sometimes you will hear hard truths, sometimes the feedback will be that you are doing just fine and sometimes you will be told to just let go. The practitioner will focus on the positive, what needs to be adjusted for you to evolve and you will hear what you need to hear to become the best version of yourself. 

Over the next three days, you may see or feel things, whether it be through dreams, triggering conversations, bursts of energy or emotional outbursts. Take it in, you are releasing things.

Sabrina concludes: “People should not wait to start working on themselves. It’s about reaching your highest potential. Like Chinese medicine, it’s prevention. Don’t wait for the storm to hit.”

Sabrina Villard,