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Is Zero One the Greenest Modern Address on Earth?

Zero One is a USD32 Million Malibu home seeking an elusive green certification, and a committed planet-loving homeowner.

By Tanja Wessels
September 27, 2021

If a modern ranch-style property with an emphasis on farm-to-table living that exclusively runs off renewable energy is your idea of home, there is now a property on the market in California that could have your name on it.

Photo: Tanveer Badal

Nestled between the Santa Monica mountains and the shores of the Pacific ocean, Zero One is a Malibu home on the quest for a Zero Carbon Certification (ZCC). The International Living Future Institute unveiled the ZCC in 2018, claiming the first worldwide Zero Carbon third-party certified standard.

The certificate’s stringent criteria include: buildings achieving a targeted energy efficiency level over a 12 month performance period, and all of the project’s energy use must be offset by on- or off-site renewable energy on a net annual basis.

Photo: Tanveer Badal

Zero One is chasing those targets in the most sustainably stylish way. The house features six-bedrooms, nine-bathrooms and a host of features to keep your wellness on top form, both inside and out, and the natural environment thriving. It does that through state of the art technology, design, and a host of responsibly sourced materials with every aspect of their lifespan taken into consideration.

The 1,340 square metre (14,429 square feet) property not only features a fitness centre, but there is also a private putting green and driving range, recreational spaces for bocce ball, the lawn game horseshoe, and basketball courts. A saltwater pool reduces the need for toxic chemicals and is heated using heat pumps running on 100% electricity from a renewable grid.

Photo: Tanveer Badal

The landscaping of the property alone was an investment of USD 2 million, with the revegetation of 317 mature trees sourced in California, including Monterey cypress, native coastal oaks, pines and a host of other species.

As with all things environmentally focused, food plays a big part and the future owners of Zero One will experience farm-to-table living first-hand, in their very own backyard. The property has a secret oak garden with an outdoor farm table, a herb and vegetable garden, and an organic fruit orchard, and every eco-lover’s pride and joy—a beehive to house one of nature’s hardest workers. If collecting seasonal honey isn’t your thing, a beekeeper and regenerative farmer are on hand for a two year period.

Photo: Tanveer Badal

And to accompany all the regenerative food practices, Zero One is also home to an indoor-outdoor bar with a quartz waterfall countertop. The 90-degree angles of the countertop drop vertically down the sides, creating a continuous “pouring” all the way to the floor. Quartz is inherently eco-friendly as it has a long shelf life, and is even recyclable—much of the natural quartz material comes directly from the earth. Dual refrigerated wine rooms on hand can store up to 800 bottles.

The house has a water vapor fireplace which does not burn propane, or any other fuels, maintaining a clean environment indoors. There is an electric BBQ which heats quickly and doesn’t require any fuel other than an electrical outlet, and an induction cooktop harnessing the efficiency of electric cooking with eco-friendly glass ceramic material.

Photo: Tanveer Badal

Zero One developer Crown Pointe Estates left no stone unturned in their pursuit of the prestigious green certification. The house is outfitted with 7.62 metre (25-foot) Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified Accoya wood ceilings with skylights. The wood remains CO2 negative over the full life cycle, it’s an environmentally friendly substitute for tropical hardwood and materials from non-renewable resources.

Scott Morris, Zero Series developer and project manager of Crown Pointe Estates’ Zero One home doesn’t shy away from the challenges involved in measuring and reducing embodied carbon—greenhouse gas emissions produced when dealing with the full life cycle of building materials, from manufacturing and transportation to the installation, maintenance and disposal of the all the resources. Add to that the task of offsetting the remaining carbon.

Photo: Tanveer Badal

Zero One uses green power as its primary energy source. The electric grid in Ventura County supplies 100% renewable energy, meaning the home doesn’t use any fossil fuels. As backup energy sources, the property relies on Tesla batteries and solar panels.

If Zero One is paving the way for zero carbon construction, it may soon not be alone. Crown Pointe Estates has already started work on the house next door, the Hawaiian themed Zero Two, slated to be on the market in about 18 months and priced at USD 38 million. And if these two properties escape your green ambitions, Zero Three and Zero Four are also on the sustainable horizon.