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Indulge in Luxuries From These Premium Producers

With most of our time currently being spent at home, splurging on premium produce is the new way to treat yourself. We’ve rounded up some of Hong Kong’s best grocers for everything you might fancy.

By Amber Lai
March 23, 2022


Photo: The Grocery Club

The Grocery Club is your one-stop-shop for household goods you might not be able to find in your local supermarket from organic vegetables to cold cuts and a wide selection of artisan pantry staples from around the world. Included in its premium produce are sustainable household items that reduce your carbon footprint without compromising quality. 



Photo: Seafood Society

With a dock-to-door approach, Seafood Society sources prime catches from the ocean with a transparent line of traceability on a caught-to-order basis to minimise waste. Impress with the finest oysters from France, lobster tail, cooked octopus or Japanese king crab that are sourced directly from the fishermen and flown in twice a week. You can be sure of the quality as its wholesalers distribute the same seafood to some of Hong Kong’s best restaurants, including Michelin-starred ones. Luckily, a range of same day delivery products can be ordered for last minute plans or sudden culinary inspiration.



Photo: Simplyfresh

Order gourmet Italian and European food items straight to your door via Simplyfresh. This online shop displays an impressive array of cold cuts and cheeses including the exquisite burratina and mozzarella, a wide range of fresh pasta from lasagna to cannellonis, and other specialty products (you can even snag some fresh winter truffles if you pre-order). Keep an eye out as the website will soon be offering the largest selection of Italian wines you'll find.



Photo: Cheese Club

Founded by two French entrepreneurs, the Cheese Club has you covered for a wine and cheese night that is set to impress. It stocks cheeses from France to Switzerland, varying in textures and milks, and also sells accompanying cold cut meats, black truffle or olive tapenade to complete your cheese board. Join its club to benefit from exclusive products, discounted offers and next day delivery.



Photo: Chaiwala/Pirata

Pirata recently launched its newest concept, Pirata Mart, to battle the fifth wave by offering a range of its restaurant quality dishes on one platform. Nibble on cold cuts and cheese before diving into beef wellington or suckling pig. With four pick up locations and free bottles of wine this new service takes all the troubles away for your next evening in.



Photo: Spicebox Organics

Spicebox Organics supplies over a thousand USDA National Organic Program certified products as well as ready-made food in its quaint cafe/food store. Find the likes of locally grown produce, konjac noodles, superfoods and an abundance of gluten free alternatives. The retailer also stocks Taboocha, a local kombucha company that only uses organic tea leaves and fresh ingredients in its small batched brews.



Photo: 178 Degrees

Every farm or fishery chosen by 178 Degrees has been carefully selected for holding similar philosophies that respect the quality and sourcing of their produce. Hoping to establish New Zealand produce within the Hong Kong industry it vouches for the smaller farms to ensure all elements come from a single origin.  You can purchase anything from freshwater king salmon, grass-fed Wagyu to wild-caught abalone. No shop from New Zealand is complete without a jar of manuka honey, especially one from a maori family-run honey producer, also available at this sustainable grocer.



Photo: Madie Hamilton/Unsplash

There’s no better place to stock up on high-end meats than My Meat Man. The online store has every meat you might want for a barbecue from Australian grass fed rib eye steaks, bone-in lamb shank to free range pork tenderloins. Whilst you’re on the site, check out its brother company that stocks quality wines at fair prices.



Photo: Slowood

Take one step further forward into the future of sustainability by shopping at Slowood, Hong Kong’s eco-alternative store that promotes zero-waste and recycling initiatives. Its organic grocery stocks everything from dairy-free milks, free range eggs to coconut yoghurt. Bring a reusable container and buy grains, nuts and dried fruits in bulk to stock your kitchen.



Short Ribs | Photo: James Kern/Unsplash  

Bones and Blades is a butcher that imports meat from family-owned farms that embrace sustainable farming. Apart from the various staples of cuts are premium products that aren’t as easy to find in Hong Kong like grass fed beef broth, homemade merguez lamb sausages and pork black pudding. Handy barbecue packs include a range of items from pork chops, chipolatas sausages to baby back ribs.



Photo: Nuteese

Nuteese is an artisanal plant-based cheese company that uses fermentation to add flavour to its aged “cheezes”. The online store helpfully suggests how to incorporate each creative flavour alongside a wine pairing. Smear on its coeur de figue on crackers, black truffle hunter on pizza or smokey cheddar in a burger.



Photo: Biltong Chief

Apart from bringing authentic South African biltong to Hong Kong, Biltong Chief is an online butcher that specialties in premium cuts. Fill your fridge with 14-day aged sirloin steaks, beef boerewors or a 750g Angus t-bone steak. If seafood takes your fancy, choose between a wood-smoked salmon fillet, lobster tails or Chilean sea bass.



Photo: Mosaico Kitchen

Gone are the days of needing to dine out to enjoy handmade pasta, all thanks to Mosaico Kitchen. Available on this online Italian retailer are fresh pasta in the shapes of rigatoni, mafaldine, gnocchi sardi and more. A range of sauces, ready-to-cook pasta sets of classic recipes and a chocolate tart showcase more of the craftsmanship behind this producer.