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How Your Past Lives Can Shed Light On Your Current Life

For our third instalment of #MindOverMatter, we look into past life regression therapy, a healing practice that will send you into your past lives to find the root of your troubles.

October 6, 2021

A warrior across multiple lifetimes. A village medium. A person left to fend for herself at a young age. Exploring my past lives sent me through a rollercoaster of emotions and physical places. Eras might not have been clear, but the feelings were. It explained why places such as cabins in the woods, or long stretches of beaches in New England had always evoked feelings of loneliness, or why my dreams are so vivid, dramatic and sometimes violent or even why I’ve always felt a close connection to Native American music.

Photo: Coco Alexandra


Past life regression therapy has seen a surge in interest as people seek answers to identify where specific habits, patterns, challenges or traumas may come from, whether it’s in relationships, addiction, or financial troubles. Oftentimes these issues are repetitive, and you just can’t explain them. Past life regression therapy practitioners consider themselves a GPS, a guide to help you find the root, the missing pieces of the puzzle, and to unblock anything that may be getting in the way of living your full potential.

Every practitioner has his or her own way of doing past life regression therapy. Hong Kong soul coach and healer Coco Alexandra’s method is unique in the way that she uses three main spiritual objects: oracle cards, a pendulum, and an archangel.

The oracle cards drawn will provide some guidance and are used for self-reflection and introspection. Oracle cards are empowering and kind, and leave more room for interpretation, whereas tarot cards, which have become increasingly popular over the years, are more detailed and give more tough love.

Photo: Coco Alexandra


Coco calls on archangels as guides and protectors. Archangels are higher ranked than angels and are considered chief messengers of God. During Coco’s guided meditation at the beginning of the session, Archangel Michael comes in as the angel of protection, the head of the battalion, the warrior. He is the one who takes you through the portal to the specific past lives that relate to what you are going through at the moment, and he is the one who decides what you and the practitioner gets to see. As the facilitator, Coco communicates with this higher power through a pendulum, asking silent questions that will make the pendulum swing in a certain direction depending on if the answer is yes, no or if it’s time to clear the soul contract.

Soul contracts are contracts that you make with your words. Your words send vibrations and are full of energy. Like the law of attraction, we attract what we are putting out, and our words have a powerful impact. We can curse people, or bless them, the same way we can bless or curse ourselves, in this lifetime or the next. “With past life regression therapy, we come to cleanse contracts that are blocking our growth,” says Coco.

Photo: Coco Alexandra

So what happens when Archangel Michael unlocks that door into your past life? It will vary per person but one of the things you may notice is that you are in a different era. You may go back a few decades, or you may go back a few centuries. There have even been times where people have found themselves in a pre-human era, reveals Coco, or in another galactic universe, or even reincarnated as an animal. Oftentimes, your inner circle—your immediate family and significant other—will be present but in different relationship dynamics. Your significant other may be your father or your brother in another lifetime.

What you see and what you feel during the session will relate to your present life, explain fears, patterns, deja vus or even dreams and nightmares you may have. “Traumatic dreams or nightmares, if vivid or recurrent, are soul PTSD,” Coco clarifies. “Your soul remembers all these events through these lifetimes, it wants to forget so it cleanses through your subconscious.”

Photo: Coco Alexandra


Once the one-hour session comes to an end, the practitioner asks the higher power to cleanse the blockages and clear the contracts that are not needed anymore. However, not all contracts will be cleared, and even closed contracts can open new ones. Past life regression therapy is not there to clear everything and make life absolutely perfect, but the higher power will clear enough to make you operate on the highest frequency or vibrational timeline. In this present life, operating on a high frequency level can be achieved by working on being the best version of yourself and making the right decisions, whereas making poor decisions and devaluing yourself will make you operate on the low frequency timeline, a less-than-optimal path.

Luckily, no matter what bad decisions have been made in the past—whether in a past life or in the past of your current life—there are always opportunities to balance things out and to turn things around.

“There is a real power in energy, what you’re putting out there,” says Coco, “many people still don’t believe in it, because you can’t see it, but it’s been proven that it does exist.” You know the saying, what goes around comes around.

Coco Alexandra,