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Harness The Power Of Plant Medicine At Behold Retreats

Discover the power of plant medicine through Behold Retreats' transformative journey.

By Vicki Williams
October 4, 2021

With a singular motivation to help people, Jon de Potter founded Behold Retreats in 2020. Behold specialises in wellness services that harness the power of entheogen plant medicine, such as ayahuasca and psilocybin, for journeys of self-discovery and transformation to reach peak performance and wellbeing. “Plant medicine has opened new doors for me and made me a much happier, healthier, and better person,” says de Potter. “Each day is more loving, joyful, and peaceful.” 

Photo: Behold Retreats

The seven-day retreat experiences vary; however, the main categories are guided activities like yoga, art, nature walks, and meditation, combined with ceremonies. It is during these expertly guided and safe ceremonies that plant medicines are taken for a “profound experience”.  

“We are motivated to help others to make massive personal growth progress,” explains de Potter, and urges potential cynics to do their research. “I would encourage people to check out the science from Johns Hopkins, Harvard, Imperial College, Yale, and more that show the profound benefits.” 

Photo: Behold Retreats

In a nutshell, plant medicine promotes neurogenesis – the growth of new neurons and new neuronal connections, which enables information exchange and reconciliation between parts of the brain that normally don’t communicate. This can lead to improvements in cognition, consciousness, belonging and social connectedness, clarity of purpose, relationship to the self and others, mood and behaviour, and overall life satisfaction and wellbeing. 

“We’re not here to convince or convert, we’re here to share the science, raise education and awareness,” says de Potter. “And for those that resonate – beautiful! We’re here to help.” For the benefits to be long-lasting, post-retreat integration work is required. “A large part of what we focus on is guiding our clients to give them the best chance at sustaining benefits and an elevated state of consciousness.” 

El Chante | Photo: Behold Retreats

The retreat’s clients predominantly consist of leaders, top-level executives, and entrepreneurs, with many choosing to arrange a private bespoke experience. De Potter describes the retreats as potentially challenging and highly rewarding. “Facing our true selves and healing some of the damage we’ve done to our minds, hearts, and spirits isn’t easy work, but it can really have profound improvements to the quality of everyday life.” 

Retreats are held in stunning locations across Europe (Netherlands, Portugal, and Spain) and South America (Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia, and Peru). One of the most popular choices, Peru, will be the setting for retreats in May and July. “The country has a long tradition with plant medicine, and a lot of high quality healers and facilitators live there,” explains de Potter.  

Machu Picchu in Peru

There are multiple accommodation options available, including “a beautiful three-bedroom house on a lovely property not far from Machu Picchu, and another nearby that’s great for groups, staying in modern adobes with views of the surrounding Andes Mountains.” 

Guests are encouraged to stay in the area for another seven days after the retreat. “It’s an amazing place to spend an extra week to explore the stunning surrounds such as the Sacred Valley, and to go hiking in the beautiful mountains,” says de Potter. “There’s also a vibrant culture and great food.” Who could argue with that?