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From Bean-to-Bar: The Chocolatiers of Hong Kong

There’s something special about artisanal chocolate, a distinctive flavour you would only find from bean-to-bar production and these chocolatiers will have you longing for it after your first bite.

By Amber Lai
March 31, 2022


Photo: Conspiracy Chocolate

Conspiracy Chocolate began as a way for two individuals to experiment with their heritages and culinary curiosity to come together to create small batch premium chocolates. Encompassing the best of Swiss skill and Mediterranean cuisine, its bean-to-bar process takes five days as they roast, grind and temper cacao before adding in additional flavour profiles from raspberries, Sichuan pepper and even sourdough bread.



Photo: Casa Cacao

Founded by Jordi Roca, pastry chef at three-Michelin starred restaurant El Celler de Can Roca in Spain, Casa Cacao has dedicated its craft to present the dynamic nature of cacao beans. 

Every stage in its bean-to-bar process has been meticulously systemised, including the repurpose of the exterior shells of the beans into artisanal cacao paper that packages each bar. This Spanish producer has a range of dark or milk bars and truffles with fillings of honey and orange blossom, passion fruit and coffee to hazelnut and butter cookie.



Photo: Frederic Blondeel

Using the finest cocoa beans from Venezuela, Madagascar and Ghana and roasting them in their chocolate atelier in Brussels, Frederic Blondeel offers premium Belgium chocolate in the form of velvety ganache, textured chocolate bark, succulent truffles or rich tablets. But that’s not all, they also have a myriad of cookies that use the high quality chocolate, from chocolate chip cookies, to florentine and Ketjes cookies.



Photo: Chocobien Chocolatier

Sourcing its single origin cacao beans from Madagascar to Ecuador, Chocobien Chocolatier prides itself on its conscientious processing to retain the flavour of each bean. Each skilful stage from roasting, refining, tempering to moulding is done by hand in its factory in Hong Kong. New products for the year include a Hibiki whisky bar and a caramel red salt cashew nut bar that showcase the chocolatiers’ ethos of creating sophisticated chocolates whilst still respecting the experience and flavour of each hand-selected cacao bean.



Photo: Chocolates by Ryan L Foote

Pushing the boundaries in chocolate production are the 3D-printed collections by Ryan L Foote. Driven by the philosophy to incorporate unexpected ingredients within eccentric geometric designs are flavours inspired by classic Cantonese cuisine and Australia’s spanning ecosystem. Take delight in a gastronomic journey as its Hong Kong collection imitates caramelised char siu, French toast with peanut butter and custard egg tarts.



Photo: Chokohood

Chocolate connoisseurs flock to Chokohood, Hong Kong’s first craft chocolate concept store in the neighbourhood area of Tai Hang, for its range of treats and workshops. From tastings to alcohol pairings and even dessert collaborations, there are a range of interesting activations going on at this boutique café. Choose between its in-house made single origin bean-to-bars, chocolate beverages or its signature tasting flight of four items that will take you through the journey of cacao to chocolate.
Chokohood, Shop E 90, 96 Tung Lo Wan Road, Tai Hang, +852 9190 5992



Photo: Hakawa

Look for this hole in the wall bean-to-bar chocolate shop nestled at the end of Gough Street that makes a selection of solid bars and drinking chocolates. Reflecting its bespoke method of production is a daily changing menu, available on its Instagram page, with coffee hazelnut, ginger and Hojicha almond bars to take your fancy. Its velvety 74% or 100% drinking chocolate comes both iced or hot to suit any day and craving.
Hakawa, 49-51A Gough Street, Central, +852 6163 3563



Photo: Schoggi Meier

Schoggi Meier was opened by Jurg Meier, a native specialist chocolatier, to bring the best of Swiss chocolate to Hong Kong. Handmade daily, its chocolate masters have polished the art of fine chocolate and confectionery. Available via its online shop are 82% hand-rolled truffles, a box of 36 signature Schoggi truffles and even no-added sugar pralines that have been curated specifically for diabetics. 



Photo: MarieBelle

MarieBelle started in New York before opening boutiques in Japan, Dubai and now has an online platform in Hong Kong to deliver premium chocolates straight to you. Specialising in ganache, complex combinations of premium produce have been infused into these eclectic chocolate and colourful cocoa-based designs decorate each signature ganache with stories behind each unique offering. Close your eyes as you embark on a voyage of cacao through Japanese matcha, lemons from Florida or lavender flowers from Provence.



Photo: The Good Hong Kong

Indulging in a sweet treat that won’t leave you feeling guilty is now possible all thanks to The Good Hong Kong as it stocks the full range of no-added sugar chocolate bars from Néo Gourmets. The chocolates have a gentle hint of sweetness from naturally occurring sugars, found in fruits like bananas or dates, that appear after the initial taste of the single origin cacao beans. The brand also puts sustainability at the forefront of its operations as it only uses organic ingredients, fair trade cocoa beans and 100 percent recyclable packaging.