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FreeD Group and the Advent of AI Technology

We talk to Joy Ghose, CCO of FreeD Group, about AI and how the brand is using the technology to create innovative solutions across different industries. 

By Gayatri Bhaumik
September 5, 2022

Established in 2015, Hong Kong-based FreeD Group builds customer-driven business solutions powered by artificial intelligence. FreeD’s award-winning proprietary solutions help create seamless interactions between businesses and their customers across all industries. The company now counts over 200 global brands as partners, including Marriott, BMW, and Samsung.  

With 15 years of experience in the travel and technology industries, Joy Ghose joined FreeD in 2021 as its Chief Commercial Officer. Tasked with expanding the brand and finding new opportunities, Ghose has helped the technology startup reach new heights. In the past year, Freed received US$15 million in Series B funding, signed a joint business plan with Google, and was appointed the Exclusive Sales Agent in Singapore and South Korea for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. 

Photo: China Mobile


Why do you think AI seems to have caught on in recent years? 

One of the key drivers is better infrastructure and hardware. With advanced technology, the speed and power of hardware such as processors have increased dramatically at lower costs. With broader awareness among the general population, investors and businesses also see opportunities in AI, bringing in more investment and resources to the field. The COVID-19 pandemic also reshaped many industries, pushing companies and customers to embrace digital platforms. AI offers numerous opportunities, from automating routine tasks to mining data and generating business insights. It’s transforming the business sector. 

Where do you see AI going from here? 

With technology continuing to evolve, there are countless possibilities for AI across different industries. For example, we expect the AI language model to be fine-tuned, enabling the AI agent to chat with humans more naturally, and even convince customers to purchase specific items. All these communications will now not be bound by office hours or locations, making our lives more convenient. For businesses, human error can also be minimised, ensuring a high-quality experience for customers. 

Why was FreeD’s signature AI Chatbot Travel Concierge Service such a gamechanger?   

Group began in 2015 as an online travel platform. But we soon realised that this couldn’t solve the customers’ pain points. Kenneth, our Co-Founder, moved to Silicon Valley for a year to learn about AI, then built and launched our first Intelligent Travel Concierge in 2016, enabling customers to seek travel advice and information and get personalised recommendations. Without similar software on the market, we saw the opportunities for conversation AI in travel and hospitality, and later in other industries. The online personalisation experience helps enterprises offer a seamless customer experience and capture additional sales revenue at a low cost, driving operational efficiency and revenue growth.  

Tell us about FreeD’s joint business plan with Google. 

We’ve been working with Google for years. But as we tap into new markets beyond Asia, Google’s digital marketing knowledge will benefit us in opening new business opportunities and driving sustainable revenue growth. Our partners will be able to access new beta products and uncover in-depth insights with Google’s extensive industry and customer data, allowing them to make better business decisions. Combining our proprietary technology with Google’s insights will be a powerful tool for our clients. 

FreeD was appointed MATCH Hospitality’s Exclusive Sales Agent in Singapore and South Korea for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 hospitality packages. What can customers expect from this? 

Our guests can enjoy exclusive lounge access, private suite access and a once-in-a-lifetime experience with sporting personalities and celebrities, with the option to add flights and accommodation. The eight spectacular state-of-the-art stadiums are all within proximity, surrounded by unique attractions in Doha, where audiences can enjoy the traditional Arabic hospitality while watching the unrivalled sporting events.