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Four Seasons' New Cocktail Bar ARGO Is A Celebration of Innovation, Creativity and Rarity

The luxury hotel unveils an updated bar space that pushes the boundaries of spirit-making and craftsmanship.

July 14, 2021

As the sun sets over Victoria Harbour, a juxtaposition of shadows and light starts forming in ARGO’s conservatory-like space, the dancing amber lights reflecting off the spirit bottles carefully housed inside the individual compartments wrapped around the bar tower. The curved room further brings the outdoors inside with an elegant design displaying a mix of laser-engraved foliage, hanging terrariums and a private room in the back adorned with mirrors and depictions of nature.

Photo: Four Seasons Hong Kong

ARGO derives its name from the Greek legend of Jason and the Argonauts, which followed mythological hero Jason on his quest to find the Golden Fleece alongside his crew of Argonauts, baptised as such after the ship, Argo. The ship was the symbol of discovery and exploration, two things that Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong Beverage Manager Lorenzo Antinori took to heart when realising this new bar concept that highlights rare ingredients, puts forth craftsmanship and seasonality, and celebrates innovation in spirit-making.

The bar makes its grand debut onto Hong Kong’s cocktail scene with its “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow” menu, an ode to six ingredients that face an uncertain future: honey, cacao, vanilla, coffee, rice and apple.

Single-origin Negroni | Photo: Four Seasons Hong Kong

Here, your run-of-the-mill barrel-aged Negroni is actually aged in a cacao bean pod sourced from Chocolate Concierge, a small batch tree to bar chocolate maker that ethically sources single-origin cocoa from the indigenous people in cocoa plantations in Malaysia. The chocolate notes derived from the cacao blends in with the splash of St. George Terroir gin, cascara vermouth and campari, smoked jalapeno and a slice of grapefruit topped with shaved cocoa.

Bark, Leaf & Love | Photo: Four Seasons Hong Kong

In the Bark, Leaf & Love, honey is the star, adding a dose of sweetness to the mix of Pierre Ferrand cognac, Barr Hill honey gin, longan shell, ivy tea, split cream and sandalwood. ARGO has partnered with local bee farm HK Raw Honey, going the extra mile by creating its very own beehive to source the best honey for your enjoyment.

Hotel Juarez is a take on the Whisky Sour, except that it uses Curado Cupreata tequila and aged awamori, a rice-based alcohol coming from Okinawa, along with toasted corn and egg white, only to be topped off with torched baby corn.

ARGO Martini collaboration with Never Never Distilling Co. | Photo: Four Seasons Hong Kong

Other than its innovative cocktails, ARGO is collaborating with a number of other producers in the fine spirits industry that have a similar vision and passion for craftsmanship to create exceptional drinks that are exclusively available at the bar. The bespoke ARGO gin, for example, is the brainchild of both the Four Seasons bar and the award-winning Australian distillery Never Never Distilling Co.

Finally, the bar is offering its patrons access to a unique collection of spirits listed in the bar’s “Field Guide to the World’s Innovative Spirits” book, with half of the spirits available in Hong Kong for the very first time. You’ll just need someone without a fear of heights to climb that ladder up the bar tower to get them.

Four Seasons Hong Kong, 8 Finance St, Central

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