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Australia’s Gelato Messina Brings Decadence and Local Flavours to Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s a sweeter place with Messina taking gelato to the next level with its acclaimed signature flavours and local specials.

October 11, 2021

A taste of Australia has landed in Hong Kong’s beloved Soho, with a surprisingly grand space unveiling a long series of mouthwatering gelato and sorbet flavours. Pistachio praline, hokey pockey (chocolate-covered honeycomb), pear and rhubarb, Italian nougat...each merits a gasp of excitement louder than the last. 

Photo: Black Sheep Restaurants - Messina Gelateria

This is the product of Black Sheep’s latest partnership with Gelato Messina. Down under, Gelato Messina has made a name for itself by creating unique gelato recipes with the best ingredients possible and without the use of pre-made bases or commercial toppings. The passionate Messina team makes everything from scratch. Though the 30 signature gelato flavours, ranging from salted caramel and white chocolate to pear and rhubarb to pistachio praline, are available worldwide, Hong Kong gets three exclusive flavours: Hong Kong milk tea, jackfruit/coconut and egg tartwith even bits of caramelised puff pastry mixed into the gelato. 

Photo: Natasha Tang

Ice cream is churned fresh every day, which customers can admire through the large kitchen window. Located on Pottinger Street and open late, Messina is sure to draw in everyone from hungry after-school kids (and adults) as well as the post-dinner crowd.

Quality is of the utmost importance at Messina. That’s why they produce their own milk, which is flown into Hong Kong twice a week and comes from their farm of 500 Jersey cows in Victoria. The milk is kept fresh through the HPP (High Pressure Processing) process, which removes the need for additives or heat. This results in a smooth, almost buttery, gelato. 

But it doesn’t stop there. Having tried multiple varieties of hazelnuts for their gianduia, white chocolate hazelnut and plain hazelnut flavours, Messina finally settled on tondi di gentili dele lange, a variety that grows in Piedmont, Italy. However, the team wanted to keep things as local as possible and, seeing that the Italian variety didn’t fare too well with the Australian soil and weather, it decided to start its own hazelnut farms, blending in four different varieties to recreate a very similar flavour profile to the Italian one. 

Photo: Natasha Tang

Soon, Black Sheep x Gelato Messina will be introducing the tofu fa gelato, sprinkled with crispy bits of red sugar as well as five rotating weekly specials to keep everyone on their toes. Gelato aside, the duo will also start offering the popular Messina cakes which may look simple on the outside but are full of complexity on the inside. House-made hazelnut spread and dulce de leche jars will also be coming soon, but you can already try the latter in the super dulce de leche, because what’s an extra dose of gluttony?

Messina, 37 Pottinger St, Central,