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8 Things You Can Buy With Cryptocurrency

While the majority of cryptocurrency is mainly purchased for investment, there is an awful lot you can purchase with your stash—should you choose to part with them. 

By Gerwin Co
July 6, 2021

If you are one of the lucky ones with a substantial pile of cryptocurrency burning a hole in your digital wallet, have you ever thought of actually spending it?  

Though the idea of cryptocurrency or ‘crypto’ is nestled into the mainstream consciousness, its usage is still limited to tech-savvy, early adopters who view them more as speculations and not real investments, much less for spending. This is mainly due to its inherent volatility. Take a look at Bitcoin, the most popular crypto and the largest by market capitalization. Over the past 12 months, its value reached a high of US$58,763.70 and a low of US$9,135.40—definitely not for the faint of heart. This begs the question: why would you want to spend your Bitcoin now when it could potentially be worth twice as much next year?  

Still, that hasn’t stopped people from believing in crypto as the currency of the future. Just last month, El Salvador became the first country in the world to formally adopt Bitcoin as legal tender. Plus, more and more retailers have started accepting crypto as an alternative form of payment. And we’re not just talking about niche apps and websites, but prominent ones like Microsoft, Starbucks and Home Depot. 

So if you’re a budding crypto-connoisseur with a desire to wisely—or foolishly—spend your stash, then take a look at the following:  


Photo: Auto Coin Cars

Tesla may have taken back their earlier decision to accept Bitcoins, but they’re not the only game in town. In fact, car dealers were way ahead of Elon Musk in embracing crypto. Since 2016, BitCars have been operating a marketplace selling premium and classic cars to the crypto community. If you fancy a Koenigsegg Regera, then it can be had for ₿165.37. You can also choose to purchase brand-new or pre-owned motorbikes, off-roaders and even motorhomes. Or if you’d rather go for a 1963 Ferrari 250, then it’ll cost you at least ₿444 over at, which also accepts other cryptocurrencies including BitcoinCash and Nano.  


Photo: Denison Yacht Sales

If you prefer a maritime mode of transportation, then Denison Yacht will accept your Bitcoin. Company president Bob Denison says this isn’t a gimmick and that he is all about providing buyers with more flexibility. So far, the Florida-based firm has closed at least six transactions through crypto. 


Photo: Aviatrade

But if you truly want to make a statement purchase, then it’s time to consider a jet. Aviatrade accepts Bitcoins for any of its multi-million dollar business jets, ranging from a Gulfstream to a Boeing 787. Their competitor, Kaizen Aerospace, takes it a step further by accepting Bitcoin and other crytpocurrencies not only to purchase private jets, but also for their other services including charter and cargo services. 


Photo: Virgin Galactic

How about an out of this world experience? Then buy your way to space with Virgin Galactic. Founder Sir Richard Branson was one of the early Bitcoin investors, so it was only natural that he would accept it as payment for his commercial space venture. Book your spot now and you would be in good company with customers including Tom Hanks, Leonardo DiCaprio and the Winklevoss twins.  


Photo: Sotheby's

No, this isn’t about NFTs and the world of crypto art, but rather real and tangible art pieces. Sotheby’s recently sold Bansky’s iconic Love is in the Air painting and came with the option to pay via Bitcoin or Ethereum. This is a testament to the power of crypto, if even the venerable names in the art world believe in it. If you are looking for more original artwork, then visit Singulart, an online art gallery where you can purchase works from up-and-coming artist using Bitcoin. 


Photo: @bitdials

Just like automobiles, none of the major watch brands currently accept any form of crypto. So if you want to up your wrist game, then you’ll need to head onto third-party sellers such as BitDials or CryptoEmporium. These luxury marketplaces sell brand-new or pre-owned mechanical watches such as A.Lange & Soehne, Patek Philippe or Rolex payable using Bitcoin or Litecoin and Ethereum (for CryptoEmporium).  



One thing going against cryptocurrency, is that no matter how much you have of it, there is nothing tangible to prove your wealth. So why not convert it to gold? Singapore’s BullionStar has been trading gold bars and coins (in addition to silver and platinum) for an array of cryptocurrency since 2014 and has made the process extremely simple. If you’re looking for a more stable investment than crypto, this might be the way to go. 


Photo: Bithome

Another stable investment you can consider if you want to cash out your Bitcoins would be real estate. Bithome is a Swiss-based consulting company that specializes in buying or selling properties using cryptocurrency. It lists properties from around the world – from a safari lodge in South Africa to a lake front property in Costa Rica – all available for purchase with Bitcoin, plus all the services you would expect from a traditional real estate company including escrow, KYC compliance, and even legal and tax consultations.