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8 Hong Kong Homegrown Sustainable Brands Your Wardrobe Needs

Hong Kong is home to a plethora of sustainable fashion, accessory and jewellery designers. We round up eight impactful and stylish brands to keep on your radar.

By Agnes Wong
April 1, 2022

Hong Kong is no exception to the fast-paced lifestyle that defines city living. It’s bustling and steaming with artistry and talent, and among them are fashion connoisseurs spearheading their own labels. From the district of Central to the local neighbourhoods of Mong Kok, you’re sure to spot people strutting the streets donned in clothes and accessories designed by homegrown brands. These brands capture the urban spirit that speaks to individuality. And what sets them apart is their intentional approach to design that supports sustainable and eco-conscious efforts, a trending appeal that juxtaposes Hong Kong’s fast and convenient mentality. 

Given the ongoing tumultuous time Hong Kong faces, innovation and creativity thrive. Here, we believe the following eight brands feature worthy staples for every closet. 



Photo: Ground Zero

Streetwear but make it luxurious —his is the embodiment of avant-garde fashion brand Ground Zero founded by brothers Eri and Philip Chu. With a grand debut in Paris in 2012, Ground Zero quickly made headway in the fashion scene with game-changing designs that reimagine street culture. Some of the world’s most prestigious retailers, like Selfridges, stock up on the brand’s collections that merge stylishly edgy streetwear with comfort and laidback loungewear. Highly coveted pieces include graphic tees and pullovers with imaginative prints, futuristic accents and underground elements graced by Hollywood stars like Fergie and Rita Ora. 



Photo: Heritage Refashioned

Giving life to discarded materials, Heritage Refashioned uses up-cycled vintage textiles sourced from China, Japan and parts of Southeast Asia to create handbags, accessories and kimonos. As its brand name implies, Heritage Refashioned adds traditional elements into pieces worn today. Founder Vincci Ching wanted to incorporate storytelling from her Eastern roots into the craftsmanship and design of her brand. One would see traditional symbols and hand-embroidered dragons woven into the tapestry of the products. What would’ve been lost in translation gets brought back to the surface as something significant, making what an idyllic luxury sustainable brand is today. 



Photo: Niin

When it comes to the gift of giving, luxury sustainable jewellery brand niin offers sentimental pieces for a special someone. The pieces are all handcrafted and thoughtfully designed, using nature’s treasure trove up-cycled into heartfelt beauties. niin weaves in stones that have harmonious and healing properties for the mind, body and spirit, so the jewellery goes beyond aesthetics and into something deeply meaningful. Wearing the finery from their collections gives peace of mind. Better yet, add a personal touch with bespoke options. Regardless, niin’s timeless treasures last a lifetime and are the sweetest mementoes to pass through generations.   



Photo: Róu So

Repurposing materials into what otherwise would end up in our landfills, sustainable fashion brand Róu So designs versatile pieces using an eco-conscious frame of mind. The brand mission targets luxury wear sustainably; sustainability is prioritised above all else. It was founder Sophie Cheng’s factory visits that drove her to make a change in a demanding industry that’s a major waste source. The brand name in Chinese, “róu, means softly and gently. This meaning, in turn, transpires into their collections for the feminine silhouette that feature knitwear, classic staples and swimwear. 



Photo: Sau Lee

Reflecting her multicultural upbringing, founder Cheryl Leung created Sau Lee to marry Eastern tradition with Western elements. She takes inspiration from different lenses that are visible in her timeless pieces suited for every occasion. Her collection features wedding-ready gowns, floral dresses, boss babe blazer dresses and modern renditions of the cheongsam. The revealing cut-outs to the more conservative styles celebrate feminism and prove that multicultural identities can successfully coexist. Intricate details, like hand-twisted frog buttons and piped seams, finish off the contemporary aesthetics of this fashion powerhouse. 



Photo: The R Collective

Once a dentist, then a journalist turned sustainability guru, Dr. Christina Dean founded The R Collective as a social impact business committed to making clothes consciously. The brand uses rescued textiles from renowned luxury brands and commits to making clothes with the least amount of waste possible. The ‘R’ in the brand name denotes “reduce, reuse and recycle.” The result is versatile pieces with a minimalist appeal that have delicate accents. Simple yet decadent. The brand collaborates with sister charity Redress and is the first to use the Upcycling Verification Program to ensure traceability and transparency in the entire process. 



Photo: Tove and Libra

With a name that rings gentle notes, Tove and Libra is a sustainable clothing brand built on heritage. Founded by Christian and Ivan, this duo brings three generations worth of fashion knowledge to create a brand that’s conscious of its impact on Earth. Tove and Libra encourages slow fashion by sourcing eco-friendly fabrics, like natural fibres, to make versatile pieces that boast Scandinavian charm. Not only are they a fashion label, but they’re also a lifestyle brand that advocates for thoughtful approaches to design, conscious consumerism and overall well-being for our planet and its people.


Photo: WEAT

Who doesn’t like a nice and ripe avocado toast?! Call it basic, but handbag brand WEAT is anything BUT basic. An acronym for We Eat Avocado Toast, WEAT was founded by two best friends who travelled to Hong Kong and captured the adrenaline-filled spirit of the city through show-stopping handbags and accessories that make perfect eye candy. They’re made for women who aren’t afraid to stand out, take charge and just want to have fun with wherever life takes them. Bags are playful yet practical and embody the happy-go-lucky energy to “carry your life in style.”