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8 Hong Kong Eco-Conscious Beauty Brands

Natural beauty is a growing trend thats here to stay. We reveal eight homegrown beauty brands that take a sustainable and holistic approach to unearth healthy, flawless skin.

By Agnes Wong
April 21, 2022

Beauty stems from having the right skincare to unveil healthy, radiant skin. Skin is our body’s largest organ that deserves our undivided attention, and brands today are more cognizant of the fact as they progressively push towards a holistic and sustainable path. Hong Kong supports this path with emerging beauty brands that use natural ingredients and methods to create the Holy Grail to unlock flawless skin. It’s safe to say one can learn a thing or two from these brands hailing from a city that’s synonymous with the fountain of youth. 

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s to embrace our natural beauty by enhancing skin appearance. Below are eight homegrown beauty brands that use Mother Nature’s finest resources to provide hearty solutions to looking and feeling our best.  



Photo: Botanic Pretti5

East meets West with Vegan beauty brand Botanic Pretti5, which brings us back to our roots. It blends traditional Chinese medicine with Western science to create solutions for sensitive and stressed skin. Their formulas are safe for all skin types and made in Japan, where high quality, natural and plant-based ingredients transform into premium products. The award-winning foamy Hydro-Power Brightening Cleanser and thirst-quenching Advanced Hyaluronic Serum are part of the brand’s line of hydrating products that keep skin supple, brightened and protected from pollutants and free radicals that potentially speed up skin ageing. 



Photo: Native Essentials

Produced in an ECOCERT Certified Lab in Thailand, Native Essentials is an indie beauty brand founded by environmentally conscious Daniela Pelonara. The brand combines exotic botanicals and bioactive ingredients native to Asia with spa philosophies to deliver streamlined and multifunctional products for the skin. The ÏIS Hydro Defense Serum is a tried and trusted source for skin hydration to plump and repair skin. The soothing AZUR Calming Light Oil is another must-try item infused with retinol-rich cacay oil to boost skin elasticity. Better yet, all product packaging fosters hygienic practices, which is something to appreciate nowadays! Take a quiz on the brand’s website to find a curated and more personalised routine for your skin. 



Photo: OSCO Natural

City life warrants skincare that’s chockfull of antioxidants to protect skin from pollution, and beauty brand OSCO Natural understands precisely what’s needed. The brand uses natural and organic ingredients to fight against environmental aggressors and replenish the skin’s supply of squalene and Vitamin E—key antioxidants to combat oxidative stress. The bestselling Pollution Defense Serum is formulated with fatty acids to strengthen and repair skin’s protective barrier and natural oils, like jojoba oil and anti-inflammatory prickly pear seed oil, to nourish skin cells, regulate sebum production and relieve skin stress. By instilling potent defence mechanisms, skin resiliency is achieved. 



Photo: Purearth

When you merge slow beauty with wellness, you get award-winning beauty brand Purearth. Once a lawyer, then an Ayurvedic practitioner, founder Kavita Khosa uses Ayurvedic methods to craft grounding formulas using raw botanical ingredients foraged from the high altitudes of the Himalayas via micro-credit and women volunteer groups. Purearth’s holistic craftsmanship nurtures our relationship with our planet and thus, unearths natural beauty. One cult favourite, the Wild Rosehip Supercritical Face Oil, is a testament to the precious and rare gem that the brand is. Purearth pursues a zero-waste and greener future while creating harmony for the skin and body.  



Photo: Rare Skin Fuel

With the mission to “Reveal, Not Conceal” true beauty, 100% natural and clean beauty brand Rare Skinfuel helps women of all ages gracefully age with confidence. The brand features honest skincare products to nourish and protect skin, ultimately reversing signs of ageing. Australian certified botanical extracts and other natural ingredients, like aloe vera leaf juice, are obtained via a cold-pressed method to maintain product potency and effectiveness. A personal favourite is the Activating Mist which can be generously sprayed throughout the day for a quick refresher and doubles as a toner. Combine it with the Age Delaying Cream to unmask well-hydrated skin for up to 72 hours. 



Photo: Vitruvian Man

Men are normally under-represented in the beauty market, but luxury organic brand Vitruvian Man caters to men by offering up four essential skincare products that are sleek yet masculine. Conscious that men are prone to the same stressors as women, the brand places a strong emphasis on wellness while providing specially formulated products that reveal healthy and nourished skin. Natural fragrances are infused in the products to give skin peace of mind, as well as promote mental wellbeing. The brand also goes above and beyond by promising to donate 2% of profits to mental health-focused charities. 



Photo: Wood Polar

Gently embracing and nurturing our planet is what lifestyle beauty brand Wood Polar strives to do. Wood Polar caters to minimalists who live optimally, reaping the benefits of nature without harming the environment. The brand is most known for its raw and aromatic bar soaps suitable for all skin types, uplifting the senses. Hand sanitisers and mosquito repellents are the most practical offerings for living in the polluted yet lush city of Hong Kong, as well as offerings that calm the soul, like the De-Stress Ritual Kit. All ingredients are, of course, natural and biodegradable.  



Photo: ZeroYet100

“Natural is always better,” a saying that most people would agree on and a belief that beauty brand ZeroYet100 operates on. Founders Anita Patel and Sheetal Avlani personally test every product in the workshop located in Hong Kong before offering them out. Formulating gender-neutral skincare products free of toxins and full of naturally-derived yet potent ingredients for children and adults is at the heart of what ZeroYet100 aims to do. The skincare line began solely with deodorants that are a must in Hong Kong’s scorching heat and has now extended into other goods, like body scrubs and moisturisers.