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10 Mooncakes to Try This Mid-Autumn Festival

As the glow of the moon gets brighter and brighter before the Mid-Autumn Festival, we take a look at 10 of the mooncake collections that take the stage this year.

By Amber Lai
August 30, 2022


Photo: Royal Caviar Club

These gourmet Royal Caviar Club mooncakes are unlike any other on the market. Handmade in Hong Kong, parcels of the finest Imperial Ossetra Caviar are wrapped in a delicate snow skin layer. The sweet brine from the caviar is lightly balanced with either Japanese trehalose or Normandy fresh cream. Available in four flavours of fresh Madagascan vanilla, strawberry, truffle or Hokkaido cheesecake, these novel confections are filled with vitamins and minerals, turning your festive indulgence into another form of healthy well-being.  

Available in-store and online



Photo: The Landmark Mandarin Oriental

Fashion meets form in The Landmark Mandarin Oriental’s eco-friendly handbag made out of responsibly sourced materials. The harmonious spirit of the holiday influenced the design of the bag with a luminous illustration of a full moon and a galaxy of stars. The hotel encourages its fans to work towards a sustainable future by reusing the handbag and connecting to Mother Nature. Six mini egg custard mooncakes made of premium ingredients make this gift one to remember. 

Available in-store and online 



Photo: The Fullerton

This year marks Fullerton Ocean Park Hotel’s first celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival with an abundance of luxuries to commemorate the occasion. Turquoise gift boxes are accented with gold peonies and peacocks, available with either traditional or Southeast Asian delights as a homage to its Singaporean origins. Individuals can opt to pair a pineapple tart or red bean paste with citrus peel with an array of teas for a complete experience. An array of hampers contain its creative range of treats that make gifting for the holiday an easy endeavour. 

Available in-store and online 



Photo: Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific and The Upper House have come together to shine a light on the time-honoured traditions of the Mid-Autumn festival with a LED lantern that holds three flavours of mini mooncakes. Traditional and contemporary flavours were chosen to embrace a bright future, including a Japanese Uji matcha, red bean paste with chenpi and a classic white lotus with egg yolk. Iconic tile patterns from around Hong Kong adorn the tops of each sweet pastry completing this chic collaboration. 

Available online



Photo: The Peninsula Boutique

This year mooncakes are joined with Luna, a new mid-autumn-inspired pastry, at The Peninsula Boutique & Café. Layers of zesty Mandarin orange filling, fluffy sponge cake and melt-in-your-mouth shortbread are delicately covered in white chocolate and decorated with a traditional stamp similar to the hotel’s signature mooncakes. The special edition pastry is available as part of a seasonal afternoon tea set served alongside a lychee black tea custard mooncake and half-moon-shaped sandwiches. 

Available in-store and online 



Elegantly hidden in the Mandarin Oriental’s iconic fan-shaped gift box is a range of both traditional and contemporary flavoured mooncakes. A white and golden lotus with egg yolks and its signature mini egg custard pleases the traditionalists. Whereas chocolate lava and a red bean paste with dried tangerine peel are perfect for those who like to step outside of the box. The luxury hotel has also crafted hampers with other prosperous gifts like conpoy, abalone and candied ginger chocolate. 

Available online 



Photo: The House Collective

Inspired by curio boxes, also known as “the emperor’s toy chest”, The House Collective debuted four sets of mooncakes that align with the personalities of each of its respective houses across the continent. As a collaboration with Editecture, the design joins sustainability with style with amulets made from upcycled glass and used uniforms. Exclusive to The Upper House, Hong Kong, are low-sugar white lotus seed paste, earl grey tea custard, assorted nuts with dried figs and a red bean paste with mandarin peel mooncakes. 

Available online 



Photo: Cova

Cova, the renowned Italian chocolatier and confectioner, brings its sweet touch to this year's festivities with its brand-new lava chocolate mooncake. Expertly crafted out of its house-made chocolate the indulgent pastry is meant to be warmed slightly to activate an oozing lava-like filling. Those without such a sweet tooth should opt for its cranberry and assorted nuts or classic white seed paste mooncake with a salted egg yolk. 

Available in-store 



Photo: Rosewood Hong Kong

Rosewood takes you on a “picnic on the moon” with its esteemed collection of age-old recipes and a debut new flavour. Together with May Chow, local chef and new Rosewood PlaceMaker, the hotel created “A Sense of Place” inspired by the familiar taste of lemon tea found on every street in Hong Kong. The fragrance of Fujian Oolong is balanced with subtle aromas of chocolate, caramel, lemon and soy sauce. Further combinations of lotus paste with olive seed, jasmine tea-infused egg custard and The Legacy House mini egg custard round off the hotel’s luxurious celebrations. 

Available online 



Photo: Dang Wen Li

Whilst unique in design, the pomelo lantern gift box from Dang Wen Li by Dominique Ansel is inspired by a familiar memory to many. Embodying the popular fruit eaten over the holiday, the pomelo-shaped lantern casts silhouettes of constellations from within. Inside each theatrical set are six hand-crafted mooncakes, both original and chocolate custard, to share with your family similar to the concept behind its design.  

Available in-store and online